Mother Love- Inside or Outside?

Some stories are so poignant. It makes the human experience beautiful, painful and reveals the nature of love in all its intensity, depth and beauty. This story touched me deeply. I have been deeply touched by the work of Dr. Demartini. Here is a real life anecdote of what his work does from his book, ‘The Breakthrough Experience’. It also resonates with the work of Byron Katie. The work of these people is such an awesome way to discover.. ‘We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are’ and indeed ‘Everything happens for us, not to … Continue reading Mother Love- Inside or Outside?

A 10 minute Vacation

How might we enable a new dawn in our lives and that of others who matter- our family and colleagues, friends and children- At Godspeed. In baby steps. While darker forces, fear-oriented energies are visible, to many of us what is also apparent is that a new dawn is being born. We received this lovely poem from some time back. NEW DAWN Can you see it? Can you see the golden shimmer of awakening along the vast horizon of human consciousness? Can you hear the song of Gaia (Earth) in joyous celebration of this precious truth? Can you feel … Continue reading A 10 minute Vacation

The Incredible 30.. and more ;-)

School of Ancient wisdom Providing the ambience For the body, heart and soul A bunch of 33 😉 fascinating young folk Engaged in a journey That promises to lovingly rock the country. In some ways.. It already has.. Such simplicity, such innocence, such creativity.. Prolific. A caring from the soul.. Unbelievable parallels.. Finishing sentences another has begun.. Fascinated with how two people can see, think Feel .. so similarly.. We laughed, we cried, We listened, we shared Stories, aspirations, perspirations 😉 We wondered And were silent.. Loving what is.. While playing with all that is.. Creating, co-creating.. Honoring what emerges.. … Continue reading The Incredible 30.. and more 😉

School originally means leisure …

I discovered that ‘School’ originally means Leisure, Spare time (Gk. skhole “leisure, spare time,”). This was a retreat with Rajesh Dalal, a dear friend, a simple wonderful soul, an inspiration.. who spent 10 years with J. Krishnamurthi. And this lovely bunch of K-school teachers, children he was working with. It took me 2 days travel up and down to be with him and them for 2 days- but it was well worth it. I just might work for a few weeks with children to learn from them – to discover the child within.. to shift from the comfort of the mind … Continue reading School originally means leisure …

a gentle nudge

a soft touch a gentle nudge a simple word a loving glance is all it takes often to make space for grace nothing much no elaborate effort no major tsunami lives can shift relationships can blossom careers can take flight abundance can smile health can radiate all it takes is a gentle nudge a soft word a simple touch a loving look its not about time not even perhaps space it may require tho’ a slower pace just a wee bit slower making space to pause to listen to the whisper, to the song of your heart or of an … Continue reading a gentle nudge

Of tsunamis and gentle nudges..

Have you noticed, Kiran, how moving towards a great dream summons from life’s jungles the fiercest lions, the scariest tigers, and the grizzliest bears… who eventually turn out to be the noblest teachers, the bravest guides, and the dearest friends? You’re on your way, The Universe Hmmmm… How the universe speaks.. is uncanny. Mike Dooley’s ‘Notes from the Universe’ are my absolute favorite as a daily gentle wake up call. Like this one. Reminder of the incredible beauty of the grand design. Thanks, Deepti for pointing me to this one! One thing is certain- perhaps 😉 .. As of now … Continue reading Of tsunamis and gentle nudges..

What dreams may come…

Gay Hendricks and his wife Katie have been two of my dearest teachers. A friend, Raymond Moses picked up Gay’s book ‘Corporate Mystic’ in 1999 at the Bangalore airport. Looks like it was meant for me. Deep resonance. I wrote to him soon as I read the book and before I knew I was in his program in the US! Many years later I went to the US again and had the immense blessing of spending a day with him at his home in Ojai. What dreams may come is a beautiful movie produced by him and I wrote this … Continue reading What dreams may come…

What I want to write/ blog about

There is a lot that I want to write about, share, co-create, enable, inspire people to see, feel, discover. So it occurred to me.. why not just make a list of all that I would love to write about. So here goes.. Secrecy and Transparency- when is it wise to conceal, when to reveal.. and how to also! 😉 The New World- and how every know institution to mankind is fundamentally shifting, becoming more conscious, more authentic – education, health, business, family, marriage, – including how we related to notions of money, sex, power, love, connection, death, separation, work, career- … Continue reading What I want to write/ blog about

Leadership and Wonder.

• We have all experienced coincidences which were surprising • Haven’t we experienced a state of flow, in which your relationship with time changed as many sports and arts professionals will vouch for? • We have wondered about the connection between the scientific, logical, business world and the intuitive, spiritual, mystical realm? Between the earthy and the ethereal? • Have you encountered, and paused, even for a moment at what your Sun sign says? • Has the world of Healing, Tarot, Numbers ever struck you as interesting, or mildly amusing? • Has the power of Music or Colors ever touched … Continue reading Leadership and Wonder.