Leadership and Wonder.

• We have all experienced coincidences which were surprising
• Haven’t we experienced a state of flow, in which your relationship with time changed as many sports and arts professionals will vouch for?
• We have wondered about the connection between the scientific, logical, business world and the intuitive, spiritual, mystical realm? Between the earthy and the ethereal?
• Have you encountered, and paused, even for a moment at what your Sun sign says?
• Has the world of Healing, Tarot, Numbers ever struck you as interesting, or mildly amusing?
• Has the power of Music or Colors ever touched you deeply?
• Have you ever noticed ‘daughter’ words hidden within ‘parent’ words have beautiful connection with each other (Lexigrams)!
• Do you avoid exploring some dimensions of life?
• Is it risky to be open to certain views and opinions?
• The worlds of business and spirit are coming closer very palpably
• Can you get more done by doing less- are you in touch with non-linearity of life?
• Have you experienced the power of Meditation and Intuition?

Wonder is at the heart of masterful leadership, scientific discoveries, business breakthroughs and also mystery. To be in state of wonder is a rare gift. Mostly, we move from ‘knowing-it-all’ to ‘telling-it-all’ and hardly pause to reflect. The business reality compels us to move faster, think on our feet, push harder, run, run and run more everyday.

Perhaps slowing down could enable us to speed up (my first blog post! ;-)). Maybe we could discover creative answers if we only chose to ponder. The automatic, robotic way of working and living which we have ceased to question, is ‘having’ us more and more everyday. Possibly, there is some magic and mystery that we are missing out in all this frenzy.

There is an opportunity to look deeper, be silent and revel in the dance of the universe- if only we are willing to step out of the Matrix. The veil of illusion. And encounter reality, which, at first may ‘seem’ painful. However, if we risk to step into it, it embraces us and reveals the beauty beneath the misery. Once we question our thoughts and turn them around, we discover that life is wise and reality kind.

Numbers, Tarot, Synchronicity, Music, Lexigrams are all doorways to the beauty of creation. And not at war with the hard business reality. Are you willing to open the door?

A dear friend and awakened soul, Jacqueline (www.cosmicairport.com) put it beautifully: “Its all a part of the illusion but there are some parts of the illusion that can take you out of the illusion” Her journey to realization, she has captured in a lovely book, ‘Knock, Knock, Whose there?’

Man: I’m a hard driving businessman. If I learn to meditate, won’t it take the drive out of me?
Zen master: No, no. It will simply make you an easy driving businessman. Whoever said that the drive had to be hard?
– extracted from ‘Corporate Mystic’ – Gay Hendricks

Some interesting related Books :

1. The Holographic Universe- Michael Talbot
2. Synchronicity, The Inner path of leadership – Joseph Jaworski
3. Corporate Mystic- Gay Hendricks
4. Unveiling the Heart of Your Business- Mark Silver
5. The Cluetrain Manifesto – Rick Levine et al
6. Star Signs- Linda Goodman
7. The Life you were born to Live- Dan Millman

Some questions to wonder about..

• Why do some of us wonder more about the mystery of life and some less?
• Would it help to inspire people to wonder? How?
• Are you willing to find 10 min, even 5min.. everyday or whenever you remember to step back, to gently marvel and notice how life whispers to you?

Would love for those of you who are reading this to trust the spontaneity of your response to this.. And share, ask, wonder together with me- with us.. welcome to the silent magic .. at the speed of life..

3 thoughts on “Leadership and Wonder.

  1. Why do some of us wonder more about the mystery of life and some less?
    >> Why are some taller and fatter and nicer and more fair etc. etc….just one more mystery to revel in. Oh sure we can blame the genes, the memes and what have you.

    Life is whole choices…and some of us are blessed with Grace..that’s why

    • Would it help to inspire people to wonder? How?
    Inspire others not possible. Be inspired and be accessible…the rest is magic anyway
    at another level there is no other, is there?
    wonder is often the response of the alive to Life
    so either we are not alive or blind to Life?!

    • Are you willing to find 10 min, even 5min.. everyday or whenever you remember to step back, to gently marvel and notice how life whispers to you?

    All the time brother, all the time
    what else is there to do?
    beside japa that is

  2. So many questions… and so little time to wonder!! Wait….Is that true? 🙂

    Well wondered, K 🙂

    And so many more questions…
    Why the need to know so much?
    Can we really know ‘it’ all?
    And once you think you know it all …. then what??

    Most of the questions in life seem to be rhetorical questions… those which have no answers…and expect no answers…. and for the rest of them, if you ask, the answer surely comes….. everytime…

    Hmmmm …

    1. Sindhu..

      Perhaps the most beautiful question is what you asked as you paused in the fist line of your comment..

      Is that True?

      beloved katie…
      before that question and after that wondering..
      all else vanishes
      into the delicious unknown!

      so.. lets rock and roll..

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