What I want to write/ blog about

There is a lot that I want to write about, share, co-create, enable, inspire people to see, feel, discover. So it occurred to me.. why not just make a list of all that I would love to write about. So here goes..

  • Secrecy and Transparency- when is it wise to conceal, when to reveal.. and how to also! 😉
  • The New World- and how every know institution to mankind is fundamentally shifting, becoming more conscious, more authentic – education, health, business, family, marriage, – including how we related to notions of money, sex, power, love, connection, death, separation, work, career- what have you!
  • The beauty of childhood and how might we enable essence to stay alive
  • Meetings with remarkable people!
  • Books I have loved! (www.shelfari.com has many of them- for those who want to have a look!)
  • Emerging ecologies! – e.g. how might we enable an ecology for nourishing children..
  • The awesome galaxy of facilitators ( fellow-travellers, masters, healers, trainers, social entrepreneurs, youth with a vision, consultants, souls who I have had the blessing to encounter, be with, learn from and co-create with !- people who have inspired me and people who seem to have been inspired by some stuff that came thru me)
  • Struggles I have lived through- my journey- the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows..
  • Experiences I have had- esp. programs I have attended and learnt from
  • The book I have been wanting to write for years now! 😉
  • The impossible dreams.. what seemed impossible.. beginning to seem possible now!
  • Ways in which we are connecting, conversing, co-creating – from facebook to email,  phone and face-to-face
  • Movies that have inspired me (my dear friend Murtaza will contribute here! And maybe we will write together) e. g. Sound of Music
  • Songs that have touched my life!  e.g. Zindagi ek safar hai suhana..
  • The incredible mystery that life is… synchronicities, crazy experiences and more!
  • What I am learning from Sufi.. incredible moments ..
  • The New world ‘conferences’
  • Facebook status updates and the great conversations we have had.
  • Completely awesome chats- thanks to google.. that have made me laugh and cry!
  • Metaphysical/Mystical “sciences” which have touched me deeply and enabled many people to get clarity about their life journeys, gifts, challenges.
  • The many Poems that I have written
  • What have been moments of truth in ‘Tao of facilitation’ program I have been conducting
  • Co-creative experiments..
  • Processes that have helped me eg. Byron katie’s ‘work’, ho’oponopono,

By no means is this list exhaustive. But having written this makes me feel a little relieved – so much that was in my head is now at least here on paper! And at the speed of life, it will come here. Inshallah!

And I think this list will keep expanding.

What I would love to know from those of you who are reading my blog..

–          Any specific topics here would be of greater interest to you?

–          Do you have views on any of these 😉 and if yes, what.. even snippets are great

–          What do you enjoy reading, and if you write what do you enjoy writing about?

One thought on “What I want to write/ blog about

  1. starting a blog by Kiran is a long due initiative……
    good quote here.. and good reference… on a book.. can change our lives for better..

    ‘ You can heal yourself ‘ hay louise.. recommended by you.. has immensely me and my team. in becoming better persons.. that 1% improvement in us is being seen by others as 10% improvements.. and in turn.. resulting in atleast 1% improvement.. in others..

    Good luck for your musings and blogging..

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