a gentle nudge

a soft touch
a gentle nudge
a simple word
a loving glance

is all it takes
to make space
for grace

nothing much
no elaborate effort
no major tsunami

lives can shift
relationships can blossom
careers can take flight
abundance can smile
health can radiate

all it takes
is a gentle nudge
a soft word
a simple touch
a loving look

its not about time
not even perhaps space
it may require tho’
a slower pace
just a wee bit slower
making space

to pause
to listen to the whisper,
to the song
of your heart
of an other


This was written before the last post – ‘of tsunamis and gentle nudges’ – I have seen and also often been told that one of my gifts is gentleness and while that’s mostly true, what is also true is that sometimes the gentleness masks an aggression which peeps out. I am becoming aware of this and coming to terms with it. So that I can live more authentically and in integrity.

What is also interesting is that there have been some occasions when this aggression has got expressed lovingly.. and it has shifted people’s lives! Especially because they didn’t expect it from me! It is generally good to be conscious of being ‘caught’ in a pattern – in this case, of gentleness.

A dear friend told me his career shifted in the moment I told him, ‘What the #”@* are you doing with your life?’ with an intensity that he had not normally seen in me.  And i had for years been ‘gently’ telling him to shift 😉 Another friend who was in ‘tao of facilitation’ said, that at one point when she was going on and on, suddenly, with a uncommon force I said, ‘STOP!’ It worked like a Zen stick and from that moment onwards, the need to prove herself has dropped.

Obviously these moments cannot be ‘done’ anymore than they ‘happen’. And hence it would be unwise to take any credit for it. When grace chooses, it uses us in moments like these. The more we can be available and allow that to flow, one life touches another. Its precious to observe this. And play with being ‘unKiran’ (not deliberately, but consciously). I was advised to be ‘unKiran’ on two occasions by some close friends 😉  – else the tired stereotype clouds the authentic flow of the moment.

3 thoughts on “a gentle nudge

  1. good morning kiran,

    my attention was drawn to read your blog this morning as your status message stood out since for around 15 minutes before i came to the computer, my mind had been musing on the paradox of a similar theme – confrontations… for personal growth, aggressive and gentle in nature and my location vis a vis both styles!! 🙂

    very happy to read the poem, the blog and happier to see that the blog space has evolved so much, you are flowing… just like stiff muscles start rippling smoothly into action after the initial few gym sessions!

    especially loved the poem. and the beautiful wonder of it is – the simple touch sometimes requires the most complex inner moutling, before the universe ‘chooses’ us to be able to express it and use simplicity as a language to effect others as much as a dramatic slap in the face can!

    1. Thanks Jagruti .. for sharing.. and it takes one to see one 😉
      u may also enjoy reading the one I just posted.. after being with the Rajesh Dalal for 2 days and the Krishnamurthy School teachers and children.
      At Uttarkashi..
      There was a simplicity and a wonder which I have tried to capture..

  2. A dear friend, Reshma had shared this on sms when she read this post months back- and I had been wanting to put it up here.. Looks like it wanted to be put up today 😉
    Remembered the poem, ‘Numerous strings’ by Tagore almost after 15 years after reading the poem. We used to sing it in our school choir..it is very sensitive.. beautiful thoughts..

    There are numerous strings in your lute
    Let me add my own among them
    Then when you smite your chords
    My heart will break its silence
    And my life will be one with your song
    Amidst your numberless stars
    Let me put my own little lamp
    In the dance of your festival of lights
    My heart will throb
    And my life will be one with your smile
    There are numerous strings in your lute
    Let me add my own among them

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