Of tsunamis and gentle nudges..

Have you noticed, Kiran, how moving towards a great dream summons from life’s jungles the fiercest lions, the scariest tigers, and the grizzliest bears… who eventually turn out to be the noblest teachers, the bravest guides, and the dearest friends?

You’re on your way,

The Universe

Hmmmm… How the universe speaks.. is uncanny. Mike Dooley’s ‘Notes from the Universe’ are my absolute favorite as a daily gentle wake up call. Like this one. Reminder of the incredible beauty of the grand design. Thanks, Deepti for pointing me to this one!

One thing is certain- perhaps 😉 ..

As of now at least  it seems pretty certain.. that my life is about navigating paradoxes, contradictions, ironies, oxymorons..  what have you! Essentially about learning and teaching the science and art of balancing, centering… also known as being in the Now.

As soon as I get an insight about how.. all it  often requires is ‘a gentle nudge’ to shift from the drift- to heal, to wake up – and a poem happens ..

The universe delivers a tsunami .. humbling me.. bringing me to my knees..

Revealing to me deeper layers of reality… how, for example.. a gentle nudge for one may land as a tsunami to another.

Not long after I put my first ever blog post.. on ‘Slowing down to speed up’, I am shown how I need to slow down. Reminding me yet again.. that .. I and perhaps all of us .. end up teaching what we most need to learn.

A precious lesson captured beautifully by my dear friend, Nithya Shanti in his recent facebook status: My teacher Ajahn Chah said that contrary to what people believe, the more one ripens in wisdom, the more uncertain things become. He would often say, “Mai nae” – not sure, not a sure thing! Any sentence spoken without regard to uncertainity (e.g. “see you tomorrow!”) he considered not a wise statement

And without a shade of doubt, what appears to be a painful tsunami is accompanied by profoundly loving waves of love and healing. I am reminded of a dear friend, Nilima’s skype status which is something like.. ‘The will of god will never take you to a place where the grace of God doesn’t cradle  you’

And I was cradled – and how- yesterday, day before .. and come to think of it- each day!

4 thoughts on “Of tsunamis and gentle nudges..

  1. This seems like Mahakali’s “Tough-Love”, eh? Burning, dissolving..again and again to newer, higher Truths.
    I’m going through the same threshold..
    What a ride, this being Human. I’ll be sure to read the fine-print next time I decide to incarnate. 😉
    Your empathetic co-traveller,
    and in deep surrender,

  2. I am reminded of a boat in the middle of a vast infinite ocean. A lone inhabitant of this boat. Bobbing up and down, one shore left and the other nowhere in sight. Should he really use the oars to fight the waves and think of getting somewhere? Or should he surrender to the grandeur of the waves as they carry the boat and he to a destination and outcome that he has no clue of………………
    A big wave scares him when he tries very hard to navigate away from it with those useless oars. It tires him out to fight against the ocean. But when he merely prepares to receive the wave with his open arms, open to the possibility that he will be carried wherever the wave wishes to take him, the fear is gone and so is the tiredness. The fear of death remains, but that is anyway an eternal fear we all have to conquer so no big deal about that.
    Happy rides on the ocean……………..

    1. Ah! Vinit.. do u have a blog? you write so well.. and with a clarity that is also lyrical..
      the inhabitant is not feeling lonely tho’ 😉 .. alone perhaps..
      he has the winds, the waves, the oar, the boat and also a few other fellow travellers!
      as his friends..

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