School originally means leisure …

I discovered that ‘School’ originally means Leisure, Spare time (Gk. skhole “leisure, spare time,”). This was a retreat with Rajesh Dalal, a dear friend, a simple wonderful soul, an inspiration.. who spent 10 years with J. Krishnamurthi. And this lovely bunch of K-school teachers, children he was working with. It took me 2 days travel up and down to be with him and them for 2 days- but it was well worth it. I just might work for a few weeks with children to learn from them – to discover the child within.. to shift from the comfort of the mind to the tenderness of the heart. Which is what I experienced with these wonderful folk.

A simplicity

That’s not simplistic
An innocence
That’s not ignorant
A spontaneity
That’s not impulsive

Encountering ..
Awesome spirit
Great possibility

Gently delighting
As I listen
To birds that fascinated them- the sounds, colors, movement,
The silent mystery
Acting in theatre while watching..
‘these two eyes need to be open always’
How a touch enables trust
Body resisting what the mind accepts
Ventriloquist birds 😉

The seeds haven’t sprouted outside yet
Clearly they are blossoming inside
Treat the camera like your two eyes
Lets move it slowly, gradually
Star gazing
Lying down till midnight
So many shooting stars,
So many great bears 😉

Why don’t we see dead birds?
Why? Never?

Birds got stuck
The farmer said,
‘don’t worry, the message will get across’
And it did
But mosquitoes don’t learn
Because they have our blood in them? 😉

When you are truly interested,
attention focusses
Can we shift from watching birds, stars, nature..
To just watching- ourselves and it all?

A simplicity
That touches
A place
Perhaps deeper
than the heart
the summer school

One thought on “School originally means leisure …

  1. hi , kiran, reading your blog was really bringing back the old memories.
    indeed school really means leisure….I remember school was an
    undivided world of our dreams.For few seconds I was lost into those training days .

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