The Incredible 30.. and more ;-)

School of Ancient wisdom
Providing the ambience
For the body, heart and soul

A bunch of 33 😉 fascinating young folk
Engaged in a journey
That promises to lovingly rock the country.
In some ways..
It already has..

Such simplicity, such innocence, such creativity..
A caring from the soul..

Unbelievable parallels..
Finishing sentences another has begun..
Fascinated with how two people can see, think
Feel .. so similarly..

We laughed, we cried,
We listened, we shared
Stories, aspirations, perspirations 😉
We wondered
And were silent..

Loving what is..
While playing with all that is..
Creating, co-creating..
Honoring what emerges..

Spacious journeys..
Deep questions..
Moving from the simplistic (the superficial) to the complex
the profoundly simple

bridging gaps between
knowing and doing.. walking and talking..
practising and preaching..
by loving the gap..
not fighting with it.. denying it..
but, indeed
being with it..

‘as a facilitator,
is it more important to be detached or engaged?’
I ask
‘after engagement there is marriage’
I am told..
Spontaneous laugher..

In Hebrew means a happiness that generates laughter..
When the soul contacts deeper and deeper layers of reality,
It laughs..

Becoming willing to accept,
Even look forward to what
We have been resisting and fighting for years!
Sometimes, 10, 15 or more..
Can there be something that’s more important?

Feel blessed.. feel held, cradled
By something larger..
That breathes thru us.. that cries thru us..
That celebrates
All that is..
Thru us..

– kiran gulrajani, 24 may 2010

Post script..

the blessing continues and grows

Synchronous, spontaneous meetings
With another bunch of incredible people..
Scientists, ayurvedic scholars,
People from uk, usa..
Integrative medicine,
Genome biologists,
Attempting to bridge the gaps,
To co-create.. to see how
The wonder and richness of the ancient Indian
Art and science of well being can thrive and touch the lives of
The many who are suffering..

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