A 10 minute Vacation

How might we enable a new dawn in our lives and that of others who matter- our family and colleagues, friends and children- At Godspeed. In baby steps.

While darker forces, fear-oriented energies are visible, to many of us what is also apparent is that a new dawn is being born. We received this lovely poem from gary@kryon.org some time back.


Can you see it?
Can you see the golden shimmer of awakening
along the vast horizon
of human consciousness?

Can you hear the song of Gaia (Earth)
in joyous celebration
of this precious truth?

Can you feel the gentle warmth of love
rising in your heart?

It’s time my friends!
It’s time to open wide your door,
to give permission
and let the light flood in
and to embrace
this great new dawning.

~Christi Becker~

While many of us sense this birth, a key question is how might we fully participate in enabling it. I am sure some of us have wondered about this. We have not only wondered but wrestled, struggled and actively sought the answer. Which has been a bit elusive though right under our noses. Many of you know how fond I am of paradoxes 😉

The idea is very simple – but may not be easy though it appears utterly do-able. What I am suggesting is to schedule a 5 min break (if possible two!)- what I call ‘Enlight Spaces’ in your day. The idea is to make a shift (‘shift’ I reckon is the unit of transformation- like ‘km’ is a unit of distance and ‘sec.’ a unit of time!) –

A shift from a ‘Robotic Routine’ to ‘Rejuvenating Rhythm’,
… from being a slave to mind patterns to embracing the heart
… from being caught up in the matrix to being free to truly choose

Essentially letting go of the grip of the past/future and inhabit the glowing present. Isn’t that the only journey in a sense?

So, this will take less than 2 minutes- right now, take a pen and make a list of as many things as you can think of that you deeply enjoy. For example, reading, music, nature and more. I suspect that most of you should be able to make a list of at least 10 things in just 2-3 minutes. And I have made a list also (by no means exhaustive) which is below – which you can jump to- but better to make your own first. So that you can own it and also add to it.

The key in this practice is to do it only for 10 minutes- and then stop! And just notice how you are feeling- in your body. Don’t expect anything but be ready for everything. If you want to do it for longer, do it after this noticing and start again consciously after the 10 min acknowledging the choice you are making.

1. Reading something that you have been wanting to or something different from what you normally read. The reading habit has been a big casualty to the crazy busy lifestyles.

2. Listen to some soulful music– Could be instrumental, vocal, classic, jazz, old Hindi songs, new Tamil ones- anything that you enjoy/can bring a shift- music is truly a wonderful doorway to the soul.

3. Call up an old friend, your spouse or anyone in the family – Just surprise them. A good way is to think of what you truly appreciate about them and genuinely express it. Notice how it makes you feel.

4. A thank-you note to the Universe or an email/sms to a friend- We forget to focus on the blessings and so much that is going well. Just picking up a paper and actually writing down what you are grateful for today, this week can be very nourishing.

5. Something that engages the Body- It could be a simple walk to a more fun ‘creative joint play’- moving the joints freely in brand new ways- never fails to shift the energy.

6. Breathe– Deeply inhale and exhale. It brings your body and mind together by connecting you with the heart and indeed ‘spirit’. Another word for inhalation, Inspiration is derived from ‘Spirit’.

7. Appreciate someone or something in your surrounding. Appreciation adds depth, sparkle and texture to life.

Chances are you have gone through this and not acted on it. And that is fine. But you may surprise yourself what may happen if you just take a 2 to 3 minute pause and Do one of these things or something that your heart is asking of you. Right now. Here.

And if you.. or don’t .. do share in a comment if you feel like .. so that others may connect  and perhaps be inspired.

3 thoughts on “A 10 minute Vacation

  1. Missing – Me…. most wanted – me… Simple suggestions to find self… thanks.

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