One body

One body-one mind

Can we function as one body?

Someone can beat like a heart

And someone can think like the head..

Someone is a liver and someone the legs
Why must each do everything?
Isn’t that foolish?

Each born to do what we were meant to
Each meant to sing a specific song
Why struggle?

Let’s let go of the tired old ways
Of having to change.. of having to ‘improve’
Lets dance.. lets paint .. lets play

Life is too short
To figure it all out
To anal-yse
Unless that’s what makes you fly

We were meant to have the magic
That is us
That is in us
That is amongst us

3 thoughts on “One body

  1. Beautiful. Lets dance to our tunes. At the same time I feel we should also allow others to paint us sometimes so that we look more beautiful. It is all play.

  2. Great metaphor and so true we are all meant to do what we are already doing good, why compare ourselves with someone else and try to change what is already good. The thoughts leads to a beautiful path of Silence & Peace just like the wall paper of your blog Kiran.. 🙂


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