Non-linear leaps or baby steps?

I have often wondered..
sometimes more happens in an hour than in a week- or at least you may have seen that you have ‘accomplished more in an hour than in a day.

How come? The question then is .. Is the common notion that there isn’t enough time.. true? Honestly, examine the myth. Mythos creates pathos. And that becomes our ethos!

A lot can happen in a little time, often we are not aware of the leverage points. And to notice those perhaps, we need to allow space, slow down, do less, be more.

So on one hand I am a believer in baby steps. And on the other, quantum leaps. And beyond leaps or steps,  sits a truth and that is what it is all about. Our essence. How might we connect with that space. Through a 5 minute vacation or a 10 second miracle (a great book by Gay Hendricks)

I was also told about another interesting book which questions the notion of linear time most of us live in. It talks of ‘wet round time’ vs ‘dry linear time’. It speaks of a time for women and wild time! The book is ‘Pip Pip.. A sideways look at time’ – Jay Griffiths. Thanks to my friend Zaid who told me about this.

And then there is this lovely not so well known book, Momo- Michael Ende, which takes you through an awesome story about how the illusion of time came to be!

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