Happenings – what’s emerging

So much has been happening in the last few weeks, so much I have been wanting to write about and yet I have not. So I thought, why not just write in bullet form the highlights and then I may write about it when and if it happens 😉 So here goes.. starting from the most recent – not strictly in sequence..

  • A reconnection with a friend early morning as I woke up and opened my sms-es.
  • Saw ‘Inception’ yesterday – enjoyed it a lot especially the end was powerful. We do live in a dream world. And it seems so real. Einstein put it beautifully. ‘Reality is an illusion although a very persistent one’
  • A lovely google chat with a wonderful friend who I call my ‘chateacher’ and ‘chatlearner’ as we often allow authenticity and spontaneity to reveal what it does. The reality texture of something that had taken me by surprise was understood deeply making me smile and us laugh together.
  • A great conversation around the facebook status message inspired by the question, ‘Can innocence be cultivated?’ – some 23 comments so far! This question was evoked when I saw a young girl sitting on the back of a cycle hugging her dad tightly as he was probably dropping her to school as I stepped out of the bus that brought us from Hyd.
  • A wonderfully creative and co-creative 2 days with Deep Red Ink along with Rohit who has joined CoEvolve early this month. The key highlight was to be able to see the texture of our vision and thought- resolved and unresolved pieces, the lofty and the earthy and make movement towards the website being created. Especially what would it take to build synergistic partnerships.
  • A great conversation with a dear friend and visionary leader, Mujeeb, founder of Bhumi. He shared his tie-up with Centre for Creative Leadership and we dialogued about how might the visionary dimension of leadership which requires him to take action rapidly be balanced  with the inclusive and democratic dimension of carrying people along.
  • Spending time with my cousin who heads training for India for the Singapore  based NTUC Learning Hub enabling her to design a one day workshop on Interpersonal Skills. What was interesting was to see how she brought in her creativity in terms of experiences as I shared what could be the conceptual pieces.
  • A conversation with my friend, philosopher and guide and Integrity coach, GD which always reveals a deeper texture of reality that enables me to flow.
  • A yin-yang balancing effort- a chain of emails in the emerging ecology of ChittaSangha– CS. The dance lives. This morning (30/july/10) met Chit of CS – we walked in the Osho teerth, were touched by Rumi’s deep poetry, chatted casually, causally and allowed life’s wisdom to speak to us.
  • The ‘Tao of Facilitation’ in Goa was quite interesting with many who shared their experience of deep shifts. It was fun to include two dear friends and great facilitators who supported me. Chittranjan and Suresh. Katie’s work really worked as it always does leaving us in awe of the power of seeing the outside as a mirror of the inner. Suresh’s inviting us into the trusting mind and Chittranjan’s  enabling us to make friends with different pulls and pushes inside us was fascinating. Some vital aspects I normally do got left out! 😉
  • The evening with Raj Sisodia, Chairman and co-founder, Conscious Capitalism Institute and lead author of the landmark book, ‘Firms of Endearment’ was interesting and brought together some 30 of us inspired by the ideas and ideals of CCI & FriEnds (my acronym for Firms of Endearment which is otherwise known as FoEs;-)). How organisations by taking care of all stakeholders (SPICE- Society, Partners, Investors, Customers, Employees+ Environment) instead of obsessing only about shareholders and profit have outperformed business-as-usual by 900%! And also ‘Good-to-Great’ companies.
  • Rohit joining CoEvolve full time has added a new leash of life and movement. The complementarities are fascinating along with the resonance. Reinforcing for me that chronological age is just another number!
  • The program with a significant section of the judiciary of Singapore along with our partner in Singapore, Ludovic, founder of OIA, enabling them to embrace the new world of collaboration and service. Was deeply touched by the vision of the leader and action of how they are shifting from an adversarial, authoritative system to being a service provider and becoming a learning organisation.
  • The 9th program in Nepal on ‘Inspiring Leadership and Team building’ organised by my dear friend and visionary leader, Rajendra Manandhar, founder, Kabule- The Wise Leader. The participants are mainly NGO leaders. It is always very interesting to engage with the Nepalese- there is a certain innocence that is endearing.

Often the fullness of life is revealed when one reflects and looks back. Little drops making the ocean, baby steps making for a larger dream. All interwoven in delicate intricacy.. the grand weaver knows how each element of the tapestry adds light to her delight.

How fulfilled is your life and how filled full? Being filled full is so different from being fulfilled I am realising each day.

2 thoughts on “Happenings – what’s emerging

  1. I like this little synopsis of what’s happening in your life. I think each of these little bullets signifies the abundance that you experience currently and it shows. Thank you for the conversations we have, and thanks for bringing these little snippets of yourself into my life..

  2. Kiron….i have to admit that today is the first time that i seriously spent some quality time on your blog….and i must say that the authenticity and love is evident from all your postings……keep it up.
    Incidentally i heard Dr Anil K Gupta(prof at IIMA) yesturday….what a wonderful soul he is…..and when asked what is just one single quality that you would want to see in a leader, he said it was “Authenticity”-which he defined as a state where inner and outer come in touch with each other!…..
    Keep up the good work

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