The Great Shift: Ecological Awareness

Have you noticed that sometimes what you want to share is so huge that you don’t end up sharing at all? It is so visible and yet invisible. So obvious and yet oblivious. I decided that I must share today even if it is just a quick glimpse of that which is evident to many of us. And yet I felt is good to just put it out there, however inadequate it seems to capture the magnitude of what is emerging. I am sure many of you have noticed many of these shifts in a small or big way. The … Continue reading The Great Shift: Ecological Awareness

Letting go of Positive Thinking, Welcoming Reality

When anything becomes a ‘hype’ or a cliché, a jargon or a should it loses its innocence and beauty. And Positive thinking is one such thing. Not that its wrong or bad, but obsessing about anything is not respecting the polarity. And true beauty is always when we see the whole. Unless we can accept ‘negative thinking’ and don’t deny that part of ourselves, positive thinking just becomes an escape, a desperation. Many years ago I read this beautiful book by Robert Fritz, ‘The path of least resistance’. Peter Senge is a great thought leader, who many know as the … Continue reading Letting go of Positive Thinking, Welcoming Reality

Loving Confrontation- Rohit S

Rohit has joined CoEvolve last month full time. He brings in a wisdom that deeply resonates with CoEvolve and yet complements my energy. With this post we also start to post here writing of others in the ecology who resonate with this vision. Loving Confrontation- Rohit S. These are 2 words that aren’t used together very often. They are considered exclusive and maybe could never fit in the same frame together.. Most of my life I have heard, seen and in fact also lived this belief that one can never confront someone with love. And yet in all the personal … Continue reading Loving Confrontation- Rohit S