The Great Shift: Ecological Awareness

Have you noticed that sometimes what you want to share is so huge that you don’t end up sharing at all? It is so visible and yet invisible. So obvious and yet oblivious. I decided that I must share today even if it is just a quick glimpse of that which is evident to many of us. And yet I felt is good to just put it out there, however inadequate it seems to capture the magnitude of what is emerging.

I am sure many of you have noticed many of these shifts in a small or big way. The implications are just way too huge to even try and understand. And yet the very effort to understand is fascinating.

So from my lens, the shifts that I am seeing are:

• Perhaps one of the best ways to describe the shift is to look at it as a shift from ‘Egology to Ecology’. The way we are organising ourselves is unlike the industrial age organisation. Hierarchical, sequential, linear, masculine. More like nature- organic, connected, networked, more feminine before we come to being androgynous. (History which was His story to discovering Her Story to finally arriving at Our Story). e.g. Raj Sisodia et al in their fascinating book, ‘Firms of Endearment’ speaks of more evolved organisations focusing on all stakeholders (SPICE- Society, Partners, Investors, Customers, Employees) – essentially seeing that they are not islands focussed on maximising shareholder wealth. And these orgainations who see themselves as ‘ecologies’ have outperformed business-as-usual by 9:1 (900% better!)

Markets as places to trade to Markets are Conversations. This paradigm brought forth by the landmark book, The Cluetrain Manifesto- Rick Levine et al speaks of how the internet has completely changed the very playground. As if taking the rug out from under our feet.

Integrity, Intuition and Co-creation are the new rules of the game. It is not as if this was absent in the past but somehow being in Integrity and accessing Intuition is becoming imperative. There is a shift in consciousness in this new world, variously described as ‘The Conceptual Age’ (by Dan Pink in ‘A whole new mind.. Why right brainers will rule the future), ‘The Aquarian Age’, ‘The Connected Age’ (by Sudhakar , Chairman, Mastek in ‘The New Constructs’movement), ‘The Network Age’ (by a dear friend who prefers to be anonymous who introduced me to this Great Shift 8 or 9 years back!), ‘The Ecological Age’ (by Azim Premji) and the Age of Transcendence (by Raj Sisodia mentioned above)

Work Ethic to Play Ethic – Pat Kane in his book, ‘The play ethic’ speaks of how the old work ethic is giving way to a way of working. He opens the book with a quote. ‘It doesn’t matter what I think, it plays’ – John le Carre, Tailor of Panama (film) 2001. He dedicates the book thus.. ‘to the net … she is everything to me’. Ricardo Semler’s ‘Seven Day weekend’ and ‘The 4 hour workweek’ by Timothy Ferris are other books which indicate this.

There is more, much more. But this should be enough to whet our appetites. If you want to explore deeper, do have a look at the books I have mentioned and also google these people. You are in for a delightful few hours- provided you can make time and space.. And if you can’t remind yourself that the rules of the game have shifted. And its cool to let go of the treadmill, the routine, the boring, the should and dive into the dance of the day.

I would encourage those of you who can make and see connections, to please mention them as comments. eg I would be requesting my friends Murtaza (a cinema therapist and graphologist) and Rohit (working and playing together to build CoEvole!) to share related films. I would request Deepti and Santhan of Deep Red Ink to share internet related connections they see. And of course my friends, Raj Sisodia And Shubhro Sen of the Conscious Capitalism Instt to share what they see. And of course my fellow travellers in the ChittaSangha to share what they see. Sultan of Edumedia, my x-monk friend NithyaShanti,  Suresh Shottam of Uforia, the Wellness Zone, Valerie, my mystic scientist friend, Raj Mali, Chinmay and many others.. would love your perspectives.

5 thoughts on “The Great Shift: Ecological Awareness

  1. I completely agree- there is a major meme shift happening ( as in Spiral Dynamics).
    And as for sharing- interdisciplinary research is becoming the edge of investion today, initiatives like and TED are exactly that- getting smart people together . The network- structure might even be the organization of the future for companies ( I developed a model on that 4 years ago) – except that the human attachment to status, accquired goods and power and the need for knowing and judging the future is blocking the development. What boss for example would like to let go of the idea to have x employees under HIS command?
    All of the points you highlight are important, I would add that when the rules change you can’t predict anymore, so you’ll have to learn to let go, create space for controlled chaos (erasing the old and the precursor of new) , and go with the flow.

  2. Something I came across that could be closely associated, I felt 🙂
    An intro –
    Many of us have grown up thinking that if we are properly self-punishing then we are somehow being responsible. “What, I’m a nervous wreck — how could I possibly take on more?” On the other hand, if, God forbid, we are feeling carefree, we have this nagging sense that we’re being downright irresponsible, certain that if we don’t get right back to self-flagellation then the other shoe is going to drop. And hard. We don’t correlate our sense of responsibility with what we are actually producing. We correlate it with how hard we are being on ourselves.

    Thus anything that’s fun cannot possibly be work, and everything that’s unpleasant is….
    Full article on

  3. Hi kiran!
    Co-incidentally, I was reading a book about this today – “the Web of Life” by Fritjof Capra which talks about how we need to make a shift from Mechanistic organizations to Organic organizations, the Network economy etc.

    I, being a student, am trying hard to get involved in meaningful work after I graduate. Daniel Pink and the Cluetrain Manifesto helped me believe that there are indeed people out there who believe that things can be done differently, that we don’t have to be involved in cut-throat competition and act out of incessant worry and fear while making a living.
    Companies such as Ricardo Semler’s Semco and IDEO showed me that there are companies who are working unconventionally, emphasizing innovation, collaboration and creativity rather than blind profit making.

    I am still exploring ways in which I can contribute positively and make a living and hope that your workshop will help me get some invaluable insights 🙂

    1. Ah! Welcome to the new world Rohan.
      Trust your gut..
      Reality and truth often exist in the minority of one.
      Happy that you have been reading and exposed to all of this.
      Maybe after your exams you must come and spend a day with us!
      A dear friend today told me about two books.. ‘Mavericks at Work’ and ‘Small giants’
      And have you heard of – Starfish vs Spider.. about Leaderless Organisations.
      And of course the work of Seth Godin.
      Look fwd to discovering more of the new world together..

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