Who am I?

Sitting in my balcony with a few plants and a cuppa herbal tea, I pick up Anthony Demello’s Song of the Bird.. And I see a story which reminds me of the 3 magnificent days with all of you, ChittaSanghis. And all the thousands of you who have touched my life. This is the song of the bird today.. The lover knocked at his Beloved’s door. “Who knocks?” said the Beloved from within. “It is I”, said the over. “Go away. This house will not hold you and me” The lover withdrew and pondered for years on the words the Beloved … Continue reading Who am I?

Simple encounters with Greatness

I met Rajesh, (now a wonderful friend and a very different kind of mentor), a couple of years back. In some ways life has not been the same since. And I don’t want to make it a big deal because it isn’t. Deep conversations, a hard look at reality, a trip to Uttarkashi where he was working and playing with the Krishnmaurthy school teachers, Hyderbad, Pune, Chennai, a few retreats- whenever I can seize a few hours with him, I love to. There is a certain freshness and now-ness in his presence, a certain authenticity that is fierce, a simplicity … Continue reading Simple encounters with Greatness