Who am I?

Sitting in my balcony with a few plants and a cuppa
herbal tea,
I pick up Anthony Demello’s
Song of the Bird..
And I see a story which reminds me of the 3 magnificent
days with all of you, ChittaSanghis. And all the thousands of you who have touched my life.

This is the song of the bird today..

The lover knocked at his Beloved’s door.
“Who knocks?” said the Beloved from within.
“It is I”, said the over.
“Go away. This house will not hold you and me”

The lover withdrew and pondered for
years on the words the Beloved
had said. Then he returned and knocked again.

“Who knocks?”
“It is you”

The door was immediately opened.

– A tale from Attar of Neisharpur

In so many ways, the outer mirrors the inner,

How might we learn to see life, people and relationships upside-down, backside front and inside out. This is what is delicious. This is perhaps the pathless land of truth. This is journey, the destination. Like the beautiful song..

Tu hi saagar, tu hi kinara, dhundata hai kiska sahara..

(You are the ocean and you are the shore, then whose support are you looking for?)

Indeed, whose?

10 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. thank you for sharing this – have loved the song of the bird and prayer of the frog books and their silent and zen like wisdom… have often wondered if i could ever reach that state of being a quiet teacher of minimal words… i suppose when ‘i’ merge and separateness ceases – that is when it would flow…

    1. Jagruti..

      In some ways it seems difficult.. and maybe it is.
      And in some ways I am discovering that its not that difficult to contact silence.

      I was reading a wonderful book, Open Secret by Tony Parsons..
      You must see it if you have not.
      Will blog about it someday soon

  2. Lovely Kiran . I have felt it is not the pathless land and the journey is imporatant than the destination which is also echoed in the song.
    The point here is we are always afraid of ourselves, so the question of accepting or seeing oneness is a bit difficult. In reality how many times have we really seen and accepted ourselves as we truly are when we stand in front of a mirror . The moment one gets the confidence to accept him or her as they are then that is the beginning of the real dwan of wisdom which can culminate in undersatnding oneness.
    The true oneness is when one is really one less !

  3. Just a thought: If I were You, why were we born with the illusion of they being different! At the physical level, my hunger doesn’t get satiated if You eat and this is so essential for ‘survival’ which is one of the primary duties of a living being.
    Lovely story:)

    1. We were born with the illusion since its fun to play this game when we see it as a game. Else there is no game..
      From what I understand, Chenthil, this is the way existence has fun.. thru us.
      And we can join the party when we can learn to see that life indeed is a hall of mirrors.
      When ready, we will see it together.. and then you may well laugh at that which seemed so serious and solemn.. you know what I am referring to.
      To let go, to let God, can be such a blessing.

      1. may be we should learn to use our persona effectively without identifying with it. That would make the game so very interesting, enjoyable and laughable..

  4. ‘Tu hi saagar, tu hi kinara, dhundata hai kiska sahara..

    (You are the ocean and you are the shore, then whose support are you looking for?)’

    So true but i often question with myself that if i know the answers within still why i am not able to convince myself completely that I am complete in whole. why i crave for support ? for appreciation? for acknowledgement ?

    1. Good question, Carya..
      There is ‘knowing’ the answers and then there is ‘seeing’ the answers at a deeper level –
      ‘realising’ the answers.

      This crazy human journey .. until we wake up.. we are caught in the game of the ‘self’
      Have you read J. Krishnamurti?

      I have been touched by him. My recent blog, ‘What is Love?’ includes his piece.
      Do see if you can pick up, ‘Freedom from the Known’ by him.

      What do you do, by the way?

  5. I dreamed of doing something but now into something else. I am a freelance content writer now.Life’s strange so are its ways. I really liked what you people are trying but i wish it would have been somewhat on the line of ‘Glass bead game’ by Hermen Hesse. If you will read this you will understand what I am trying to say. good work should reach to all and should not be limited to few.

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