Age ‘Know bar’ or ‘No bar’ – Rohit S. and Kiran

Rohit: Some questions are big, substantial and they might be present around us everywhere in the society we live in and yet we may unconsciously or maybe even choose to ignore them due to various factors. Like my coach used to call it the “Pink Elephant in the room” that no one wants to see and they just go about ignoring it like it doesn’t exist. These questions can be tricky and at times there is no easy answer and maybe at times no answer at all, the ultimate reward maybe just staying with the question to give one a … Continue reading Age ‘Know bar’ or ‘No bar’ – Rohit S. and Kiran

Acting Out of Love

Jim Spivey is a dear friend and has been a coach to me on occasions. He sends a daily message that often touches a deep place. The message yesterday was about Acting out of love in family relationships. In my view it applies to any relationship. Friendships and business relationships also. Isn’t friendship perhaps the highest form of love? He has also given the link of a lovely You Tube Video- Lead Me.. Do have a look. And keep any relationship in mind that may be a bit troubled. And listen to it from the heart. ——————————————————————————————- Many (in fact, … Continue reading Acting Out of Love