Acting Out of Love

Jim Spivey is a dear friend and has been a coach to me on occasions. He sends a daily message that often touches a deep place.

The message yesterday was about Acting out of love in family relationships. In my view it applies to any relationship. Friendships and business relationships also. Isn’t friendship perhaps the highest form of love?

He has also given the link of a lovely You Tube Video- Lead Me.. Do have a look. And keep any relationship in mind that may be a bit troubled. And listen to it from the heart.


Many (in fact, 6 just yesterday) have shared this music video with me (see the link below) – the song, “Lead Me,” by Sanctus Real, and it is very beautiful and a very real, screaming hunger out there. I know, because I hear it every day, and it’s clearly only possible when being very clear about the above from Henri and the below from several others. And this is not my intellectual grasping for an understanding of these things or my mental compliance with the rules of an elite club; it has been my deepest experience and is my humbling reality.

Teaching love to others, encouraging people to love, is clearly a humble “modeling thing,” accessing His Power and Will, from a place of pure adoration, not a haughty “telling or trying thing,” exercising your force of will, from a place of elevation, as it involves offering them an actual, very real, and very rich “experience” of it, as an example of what’s possible in following the Master Teacher, and it costs everything you previously thought you had and were.
– Jim Spivey,


I often wonder.. teaching love is about learning to love… ultimately it is about being love. And is that not the primary lesson? I think it was Mikhail Naimy who said,

‘We live so that we may learn to love.
We love so that we may learn to live’

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