The simple joy of being yourself

Yesterday I had a lovely evening spontaneously with a very dear friend. There was a silent magic about it. Sitting at La Pizzeria, we ordered some Vodka with fresh lime and some finely sliced green chilly to add that subtle spice to it. And Nachos which are served with liberal quantities of melted cheese. Conversation flowed effortlessly. From here to there to everywhere and nowhere in particular. At a point she shared that in a chat with another dear mutual friend and they casually remarked, โ€˜We love Kiran just the way he isโ€™ (with all my frailties, vulnerabilities and gifts, … Continue reading The simple joy of being yourself

Heal/Grow Up or Wake Up! ;-) (Self-improvement & Self-realisation)

In August 2019 I was invited to speak at the APAC Coaching Conference and I did it with Ark, the new avatar of CoEvolve (a partnership between me, Arjun and Rohit). We met Leon Vanderpol over there who has written a book called A Shift in Being.. Coaching & Learning from the ground of Awakening. A profoundly different ground of freedom which inckudes personal growth but also the invitation beyond the story of the person. Byron Katie talks about it and many others. He remarked that apart from us, he didn’t see anyone inviting and coaching from this rare ground … Continue reading Heal/Grow Up or Wake Up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Self-improvement & Self-realisation)