Free Awareness- Conversations with Bentinho & Karen at Thiru

I had the fortune of meeting Bentinho and Karen at Thiru in Feb. It was a very moving experience which interestingly was about moving beyond experience ;-). I shortened my stay at Auroville to be with them. I noted some amazing insights that emerged out of the chat. There was such sincere energy of people who were there. There was a profound simplicity of Bentinho sitting in his shorts and vest smiling effortlessly and laughing often, matter-of-fact, no-big-deal which for me is so characteristic of consciousness. Am just sharing in bullets what I captured without ‘refining’ or structuring it in … Continue reading Free Awareness- Conversations with Bentinho & Karen at Thiru

Dawning of a new world

Watching, witnessing, participating.. In this beautiful dance of life One of the many blessings from a dear friend, Brijbala 200 some people! Children, Youth, Adults, Elders A teeming of energy, flow and indeed Incredible glow Abundant diversity, Profound intensity Lightness, Play, Music Yes- each of us, discovering, sharing… Singing our song Such resonance and yet It took us so long to connect! A community that seems to be already Living, manifesting, unfolding vibrantly The dreams I have held There was an ease and flow An unhurriedness When nothing ‘needed’ to be ‘done’ A lot was getting done It seemed .. … Continue reading Dawning of a new world

Listen to life..

I got an email from a dear friend this morning as I was sitting in the balcony of another soul friend, a great Yoga teacher. The email spoke of some ‘unfairness’ and very ‘human’ behavior in the organisation she is working. In my response to her, something emerged- which I feel like sharing. I have often felt that the blog posts need not always be long. Sometimes, just a few simple lines can do what a book cannot. So this is the first post that is brief. Spontaneous. In the moment stream of consciousness sharing. Listen to life.. There is … Continue reading Listen to life..