Learnings from the ChittaSangha and the Sanghis

I had shared this with a wonderful group I am a part of – the ChittaSangha. It has been so precious to be a part of this group. Just felt like sharing with a larger group.

It may speak to some or many of you.

Nov 2010

hi sanghis..

been wanting to write and share what all have i learnt from the sangha/sanghis in the last year..
(difficult to believe its already almost a year!)

1. the value of being quiet – i dont have to be seen to be heard. the more i am willing to listen, the more i can be listened to 😉

2. what needs to happen happens- and its happens thru the right person at the right time. and there is a beauty to it if i am willing to really see.

3. the wisdom of the sangha even if it takes time to emerge.. is richer than my wisdom.

4. small actions, gentle nudges, consistent sustained loving action bears its result at the right time.

5. not being too bothered about ‘getting the credit’ makes everything smoother for me.

6. when i let go of what i want to see happen, something that needs to happen happens. and thats required for us to move to the next step.

7. what appears to be mistakes.. are truly something that we are evolving from.. where we were in dec 09 and where we are going to be in dec 10 in a few days.. is so much more evolved as a sangha.

8. trusting what is unfolding, how its emerging, when its happening … makes me see why things need to be the way they are.

9. this is perhaps the most awesome bunch of people i have been a part of. in a susatined way.. and there is something larger that is blessing this togetherness..

10. that co-creation is the way of the future is something i did not have a doubt about but everyday it is seem underlined, made bold and seen in bigger font size 😉

just want to reach out and give a hug to all of you.

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