Glory of Sanskrit

A dear friend Narsi- sent me this and found it worth sharing..

It looks as though the West will bring back the glory of Sanskrit!

In the heart of London, a British school has made Sanskrit compulsory subject for its junior division because it helps students grasp math, science and other languages better.

“This is the most perfect and logical language in the world, the only one that is not named after the people who speak it. Indeed the word itself means ‘perfected language.” –Warwick Jessup, Head, Sanskrit department

“The Devnagri script and spoken Sanskrit are two of the best ways for a child to overcome stiffness of fingers and the tongue,” says Moss. “Today’s European languages do not use many parts of the tongue and mouth while speaking or many finger movements while writing, whereas Sanskrit helps immensely to develop cerebral dexterity through its phonetics.”

Full article in British Newspaper or

You may also check for another great effort to propagate Sanskrit wisdom.

When I posted this on fb Dec 2009

Rajesh Dalal had an interesting comment:
My grand father was a Sanskrit scholar. He was very sad when I stopped studying Sanskrit after cl.XI I see why. Sanskrit truly is a dev bhasha. It has capacity to make the mind precise and fluidic at the same time.There is great rigour as well as playful abandon.

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