INKing what is DEEP while it is RED still..

I have often felt that blogging can happen on the go. Just cut-pasting a chat. A mini blog on some insight as one stepped into the shower, a conversation with a friend.. and so many such moments of aha! and truth.. worth capturing.

Just a little while back, I pinged a dear friend, Sashank on google talk and we had a spontaneous chat and as you read it, you will see the genesis of this blog.
I was with Deep Red Ink for 2 days over the weekend where Sashank is a Partner. DRI is a precious part of the CoEvolve ecology. The idea was to examine and explore what is required for them to move to Level Next. Even that came out of a in-the-moment phone call that I made to Santhan, co-founder of DRI after I discovered that some mutual friends, also his customers, were exasperated in some ways.

I have also been grappling for many years how to sustain the momentum of any initiative. And I guess, its happening finally- though baby steps, but something of an enduring nature is being born.

So this is the chat. Unedited.. well almost! Tell us if it spoke to you!
I have found that chats have such a ‘now’ quality about it that sometimes they are more ‘real’ and authentic than face-to-face conversations which are over rated, I feel.
Minus the body language, with enough space for allowing pauses, one tends to be oneself more. No need to wear any masks! You will see what I mean- hopefully!

me: hey sashank!
Sashank: hey, howz you K
me: all well
did u see tof glimpses on youtube?
Sashank: i wanted to but not yet
in case u want to!

how are things.. are u guys working today?
Sashank: interesting actually
everyone was on time today, like for the first time
me: wow! thats something.
now to make it last!

Sashank: we had a big conversation today, which was of much higher quality
me: hmmm
Sashank: in a meeting with Apoorva, krishna and D facilitating (D is Deepti ;-))
me: awwwwwwesome!
so guess u cant be here with me much!

Sashank: anil was super proactive
i was speaking my mind more

me: kya baat hai.. iss rate se coevolve will also have to become a part of DRI 😉
Sashank: well K.. its a sign of things to come

me: hmmm
tks for this update. means a lot to me.. gently appreciate people w/o making a big deal of anything
Sashank: i was anyway going to share with you… esp from a personal context
the appreciation is from deep with in
atleast Im excited at the output
me: and keep yr feet on the ground

Sashank: yes
me: do a blog! if it feels right
Sashank: but seeing how I must reinvent my blog also…
to not make them actual posts but like simple elevator pitches…
will keep you posted on that

will do

me: yes.. i often feel that also.. mini blogs
Sashank: yes like Seth Godin
me: he writes very short ones?
Sashank: ya… some times its only Title +1 line

me: like we could just cut-paste this chat and it cd become a blog post, hai na?- sthg like that!
Sashank: exactly
me: with a few lines edited and added!
Sashank: exactly
me: chalo- i will attempt it and even u can.. lets see
Sashank: lets see

me: on the go.. here-now.. chal bye now.. and convey my hug to all at the rigjht time.. which could be suddenly in the middle of a seriosu meeting when it is least expected! – lol

Sashank: 🙂
you are on a roll!
have fun!

me: chal.. u all make me rock.. and then i must roll
Sashank: indeed
me: chalo- any famous last lines for the benefit of the blog? some one minute wisdom!
9:06 PM
from Venkata the Sashank..

Sashank: Let the tao flow!
me: kewl..bye now!

Am glad I could ink what is deep and light.. while it is red..before it turns orange or green!
What say?

2 thoughts on “INKing what is DEEP while it is RED still..

  1. Lovely converstaion. It is much more deep than what the words convey. It ascertains a bonding arising out of love and wisdom ! All I can say now is even when you can’t ink what is deep and red now, don’t even blink, for you can still link by just adding one or two more colours still you can make an orange or greens Red !

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