My need or their need or ..

I noticed how I often go to someone with my need to ‘help’/ rescue without sensing whether there really is a willingness for someone to learn and receive.

To learn to sense if that is what life wants… is an art.

To see that which is not easily visible
To listen to that which is not ordinarily ‘audible’
To feel that which is not normally feelable..

Isn’t that the profound invitation of life?

2 thoughts on “My need or their need or ..

  1. Lovely sharing. It is more than an art .I somehow feel that the simple act of offering help itself would have arisen only when there is a call for that from the receiver, though they may not be willing to receive it or accept having asked for it verbally ! It is like this Kiran. When we are ready to extend our help irrescpective of whether we are accepted or rejected and as long as we are not affected by the action of the receiver, it is cool !

  2. Ahhh…remember that famous line by the band U2 in their song “One”:
    “…are you trying to play Jesus for the lepers in your head”…
    lately though I discovered the real issue was seeking recognition through the ‘help’ that we give out…it comes from not having recognised the inner child for its natural flow that overflows without any intention to help.

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