Life Purpose: The Song you were born to sing : How birth dates allow you to peep into your lifework ;-)

I got interested in the whole domain of numbers and birthdates many years back. Possibly in 1997 I think. To some, the interest seems a bit excessive (did not want to use the word ‘obsessive’ because it is not- at least I don’t think so ;-)) but if only you could get a glimpse of the beauty, the revelation and the insights for evolution that this world brings, you may find it interesting to dive into.

Actually I have found there are a few reasons why people resist or deny this wonder-filled world. Let me start with getting that out of the way:

• It goes against the notion of free-will. But let me quote a person who inspires me a lot (picked this up yday from his fb page!)

Only if you assume things are actually ‘happening’ in some sort of solid, isolated manner does the question of free will versus pre-determinism arise. Without anything being clung to as ‘happening’ – in other words, if one is living without paying attention to the mind’s descriptions – then nothing is ever happening and philosophical questions regarding free will, fate, and doer-ship are rendered irrelevant by the prevailing peace of your natural and non-needy non-state of being.” – Bentinho Massaro

I love the paradigm ‘Free Will Astrology’ which comes from Rob Brezsny ( for more reasons than one! For one, it embraces a profound paradox. Free Will and Destiny! And also because Rob is awesomely crazy and wildly optimistic! Would highly recommend you subscribe to his weekly emails. You may want to connect with him on fb

• Then some say, “How can all people be put into 12 categories alone- are we not all unique?” The way I respond to this question is that with 12 colors we can create 9 billion paintings. And each of us is a unique painting but the colors are the same!

• Some quip: “I am not interested in knowing the future”. Neither am I, by and large. In fact, I discovered that there are two schools of astrology- the one that could be called the ‘Predictive’ school which uses Astrology to predict future events. I am not opposed to this but normally I don’t like to go down this lane.

The other is what could be called, ‘Self awareness’ School. I have found these descriptions of tremendous value to make me aware of how I am designed! So that I am not ‘bound’ by the design. And yet honor the designer! It helps me see the beauty inside people. And like a dear friend and teacher once said, it helps us to know the movie we are here to watch.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have been enjoying becoming aware and enabling others to discover the joy of this awareness of the live movie that we are here to watch. So long as one is open and doesn’t make a religion out of anything there are depths to be revealed in this world, like any!

Some of the systems (books) that I have found very useful, learnt from and shared with a lot of people are mentioned below. But first a word of consciousness. No number completely defines anyone. We are far too complex to be defined by one or many numbers or charts. Having said that, like anything is a lens, I have found these worthwhile lenses to look from.

Astrology for the Soul– Jan Spiller (check out in Even though it is published in 1997, it ranks # 9843 in the Amazon Bestseller’s list as of 30 May 2012. Has 77 reviews with an average 4.5 star rating out of 5. (for those who are convinced by statistics!).
Linda Goodman popularized ‘Sun Signs’ which are a more superficial view of our journey, changing every month. Jan Spiller reveals what I would call our ‘Soul Signs’ – a deep look at our journeys – our purpose, gifts, challenges, past lives and more. For example, for people born in 1965 like me, the Soul Sign (she calls it North Node is Gemini) and Gemini Soul Sign folk have the gift of bringing the energy of truth in the world. They need to be watchful of being self-righteous. They are gifted in writing, inspiring learning and communication. They need to develop logic and learn to connect with society rather than just go by intuition.
Maybe I will do a blog post which gives a gist of the 12 ‘Soul Signs’ but as some of you would know, I have shared the photo-copies of your write-ups and many have been deeply touched and benefited out of that profound awareness. At least a few hundred people.

The Life you were born to Live– Dan Millman. Published in 1993. 106 Customer reviews. Avg Rating 4.5 on 5. And # 4208 in the Best seller Rank on 30 May 2012.

Inspired by the title some related perspectives came to me to describe the above two books, ‘Visions we were born to manifest’, ‘The song we were born to sing’, ‘The journey that we were born to travel’ etc.

Dan Millman has written many wonderful books, a very gifted writer and human being. Peaceful Warrior is one of his great books which has also been converted to a movie. When I met him, he told us that he had met a wise sage who told him of this system. Some call it the ‘Destiny no.’ It reveals an aspect, a view of your Life Purpose. You need to add up each digit of your birthdate. E.g. 14/5/1963 would be 1+4+5+1+9+6+3 = 29 and 2+9 =11
So he writes it like 29/11 and each no has a meaning. No 1 is for ‘Creativity and Confidence’ of which this person has a double doze! Here it is easier to share so I will briefly and maybe do a more detailed post on this later.

1: Creativity and Confidence
2: Team work and Cooperation
3: Expression and Sensitivity
4: Stability and Process
5: Freedom and Discipline
6: Vision and Acceptance
7: Trust and Openness
8: Power & Abundance
9: Integrity & Wisdom
0: Intuition & Inner gifts

A few vital things he says capture the essence of this system:
We teach what we most need to learn. So these numbers are about both, what we are learning and in the process we are also teaching that consciously or unconsciously.
Also he says that this is the adventure we are here to experience, like a mountain that we are here to climb. And so in the process of that climbing we will discover some treasures and also will be challenged in many ways. So that we learn, teach, enjoy and love all that is.
Each of the numbers is a double-edged sword. And life’s journey is about finding that balance. For example, No 6 which is about ‘Vision and Acceptance’, we arrive at acceptance only after we judge a lot and life teaches us to accept. The gift hidden inside judgment is ‘discernment’.

Lastly, the energy of the relationship is the sum of the destiny nos. So, if one person’s no. adds up to 5 and other person is 4, the total 9 is the energy of the relationship!
People with no 9 are considered universal teachers since, whatever number you add to that, the result is that number. Eg 9+1 is 10 which is 1. 9+2 is 11 which is 2 and so on!

Check out the beautiful video of No 9 and how its maths and its deeper significance match.

Numera – Bernard Spencer La Gette. This book is out of print but a friend gave me a photocopy many years back and I find the description of numbers over there a treasure. Now, here the description is different from the above. In fact there are many numerological systems. And also a few Astrological systems. And they each have a place. The logical mind will compare and may reject but the intuitive, receptive mind will value the diversity and take what it needs. The gist of this is:

1: The beginning, the initiation, the energy of the Lion or the Sun- Leo. The one from what all else is born. This is the archetypal father. Fire energy.
2: When the one became 2 all creation was born- so this in a sense complements 1. This is the archetypal energy of the Mother. Water energy.
3: The trinity. The energy of Sagittarius. Wisdom. And also lightness. Fire.
4: The energy of Aquarius. The prophet. Sparkling Vision but removed from Action. Hence sadness. But able to see the flip side of everything. The energy of air and the mind.
5: The mercurial energy of Gemini. Gift of communication. The middle number so can mingle with all. Also Air element and mind.
6: The energy of Venus. Love. Also vision but very focused, even rigid.
7: The energy of Pisces. The old man of the zodiac. Great intuition. Action. This is the earth energy. Water energy.
8: A very intense energy of Saturn, which rules Capricon. To experience intensity, this soul experiences often the brightest of light and the deepest of darkness. Also the earth element.
9 : The last number and has some aggression. And a presence and intensity. This is the energy of Aries, the baby of the zodiac.

The numbers 3, 6, 9 are the numbers of worldly success. 4 and 8 are karmic numbers and have a depth which is of the other world. 2 & 7 are intuitive, flowing like water. The no 8 is shaped by and shapes destiny. It is the sign of standing infinity. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all add up to 8. How uncanny is that!

My Journey with Numerology and Changing spellings to bring a certain energy. Some time back I went through the crazy journey of changing the spelling of my name since I was advised that it would bring in a certain healthy energy. So I became Kirron which is 19 instead of Kiran which is 11.

However, I realized that there is no free lunch. I was giving up something to get something! So I reverted and came back home as it were to Kiran!

The energy of the name can be found according to the ancient Hebrew Kabala System which assigns a value to each alphabet. I have found a tremendous co-relation between the name no. and the energy that that person is expressing and experiencing in the world.

A-1 B2 C3 D4 E5

F8 G3 H5 I1

J1 K2 L3 M4 N5

O7 P8

Q1 R2 S3 T4

U6 V6 W6 X5 Y1 Z7

The last word is this:

Enjoy playing with this awareness if it interests you- Is it possible to look at something without accepting or rejecting it? With childlike curiosity and wonder – I am also moving to seeing that who we are is beyond all definition at the deepest level. So to hold this lightly helps. Then its fun to play with it all.

I have been wanting to share this for a long time as a blog post. Finally its happened. Phew!

6 thoughts on “Life Purpose: The Song you were born to sing : How birth dates allow you to peep into your lifework ;-)

  1. Love, Love, Love this post Kiran! Thanks to your recommendations of spiritual astrology I could make a ‘comeback’ to astrology and numerology in a big way…I think the book ‘Cosmic Love’ by Jan Spiller…it changed the way I connected to some very important people in my life (including you!) 🙂
    Looking forward to doing an article inspired from this one…and of course exploring the links you have mentioned…Also, would you be kind enough to lend me a copy of the numerology book that is out of print now?
    Take care. Love & Light

  2. Kiran,

    Have had the North Node photocopy from you for several years, but was not familiar with the system described by Dan Millman, in full, thus far. (Cheiro’s work, which I have been fortunate to be familiar with for decades, seems to be the basis of most of this, and hence very much in sync.)

    So, thanks to this post, I just realised that I am 38/11 — knew the 11 (=2) before, but not the full picture as revealed here! Many thanks for this.

    As you rightly say, this is beautiful to be aware of, and only enriches the self-awareness aspect. And best of all, it can be easily held lightly, without obsession!

    Love, Dileepan

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