On Effort & Silence…

Vishu has been a dear friend ever since I first met him.
There was a spontaneous connection, a flow in conversation and more.
Often, its not something you can figure out but with some people, friends, there is a certain chemistry.
And its best not figured out.
The only thing is to live it. To revel in it.
He came for the Tao and added his song.. literally..

And he wrote this poem. Inspired by what flows in the Tao.
Often people mistake what is present has something to do with me.. in fact, it is present when I am not. Something in this poem spoke to me.. I sense it will also speak to you.

The furrow of an Effort

Pondering on the complexities of life
Filled with pain, with struggle and strife
Haplessly we resume our fight
In a macabre abyss we search for a light

Sorrows seem aplenty and the joys so few
And so we forge gods to help see us through
We plead and we bargain and gamble with a deity
In doing so we steal its created divinity

Our promised utopia has gone down the drains
Our faith like the moon; it waxes and wanes
The time has now come to rethink what we thought
For all we believed in has but come to naught

With the tides we must turn and must shift our perspective
Take the good with the bad; view it as a collective
Let us try not to cling on to things oh so tightly
For beauty is appreciated best when held lightly

When we cease our inner struggle, our anguish we release
This awareness with it brings a calm and a peace
Then life just begins to flourish and flow
You don’t need to believe it when you already know

Dialects of Silence – Vishrut Sinha

The silence all-enveloping brings with it such a comfort
No lines on our forehead, no furrow of an effort

I’m trying to fathom all the different dialects of silence

Of this language that is spoken between all other languages

The language of dreams, thoughts, emotions and actions

How it allows, invites, restricts

Yet is ever-kneeling in prayer

How it connects my heartstrings to yours

And yet makes me aware of the divide between us

How hushed up it is

And yet so deafening

I wonder

Does it tiptoe from around the corner

Hiding behind the notes of music

Waiting to sneak up on me?

Or does it lie naked before me

In the humble spaces between these words and these lines?

Does it have the face of infinity?

Does its veil even obstruct my view?

Is it seducing me right now?

Or are we in union already?

Is this what lies at the heart of the ocean?

Or in the vast chasms of space?

There is this void within me

And yet the epiphany as I write this

So I smile with joy

At the futility of my attempt

For I am but using mere words

– Vishrut Sinha

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