Emotion & Love..

I wrote this a little while back to a dear friend who was shaken with sadness and wrote an email on a forum which has been grappling with an issue for months.. And felt its worth sharing here on my blog.

I am saying this to myself as I say this to you..

When there is a strong emotion, it is bringing a vital message of love and truth.
But until we feel and release the emotion the message is distorted. And often lost.

So, I would urge each ofus when we feel something strongly to try and process it with someone if it cant be processed alone and then bring the insight here.

Else it ends up muddying the already muddied waters. I have done this at times.
Just as we are at a point of healing.. something unhealed in one of us shakes up the whole space.

And thats fine, But I just feel a more non-violent way and elegant n loving way is to deal with our emotions in smaller groups.. else it rattles everyone and we have to find ways to work in a community that enhance community.. harmony.. love..

All of us are essentially looking to offer love and to be loved. Most of us are wounded in one way or another..
And till such time as we keep seeking love from outside, we dont see its presence inside.
We become consumers of love when we forget we are producers of love.

Big hug

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