Wake Up!

I just saw this piece from Bentinho.. and I HAD to immediately post it.
What wisdom. What peace. What love emanates from this.
Read it slowly and feel it. So will I..
Its time to wake up!


***Super Hurricane Sandy = Love***

🙂 ♥

This hurricane signifies so much more than meets the eye. Don’t be blind. Don’t think this will just pass over. Don’t be inwardly lazy and complacent. Listen…

This massive storm is a physical expression of the hidden, unseen stuff that is about to burst, bubbling beneath the surface, sensed by those who, well, pay attention and are unafraid to listen…

The time for postponing the Heart’s Whisper is over. The period of toleration of the spiritual greyscale of the past millennia is now reaching its end and turns into a black and white split. This storm forces millions of people collectively all at the same time toward deep introspection, self reflection, and to make a decisive choice: an inner decision. Listen…

Stop lingering. Stop waiting. Stop doubting. Stop fearing. Start making radical choices that are rooted in what your heart whispers into your whole body every second. Listen, listen, listen. Don’t be stupid, don’t be afraid. ACT – Face and Transcend your fears. The age of bullshit is now perishing. That is a good thing. Listen…

Be part of those above the line. What?? Yes, it is a simple as that. Listen…

If this message reaches you, you are one of those able to make that choice. So make it. Whatever that choice may be for you: make it. You know exactly the choice I speak of. This choice has a different form for each of you, but it is also similar for each of you. It is a choice you have been waiting to make for quite some time. A shift of allegiance you have been waiting for. Stop waiting: step with BOTH legs into your New Self. You know exactly what I mean. Listen…

This is the door opening into the new world. Beautiful. I am excited and happy for everyone. This storm is gorgeous. It is Love itself doing for you what you couldn’t do for yourself: Come to the threshold of choosing love over fear, passion over dullness, adventure over concern, clarity over sleepiness. Listen…

If you find yourself seriously inconvenienced by this storm, it may be a sign you have postponed this inner choice for too long already and now is the time to make that inner choice of where your allegiance is: Heart/Love, or Head/Fear. Listen…

If you make that inner shift in allegiance, you will be receptive enough to listen and receive the messages from within that guide us all on when to be where, and when to do what. Listen…

Stop coming up with excuses to follow your passionate inner self unless you wish to die to your Heart and wake up in a land of fear. Listen…

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light. Take care then how you hear, for to the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he thinks that he has will be taken away.” – Jesus Christ

Postponement will kill you in more ways than one.
Courage will save you in more ways than one.
Either way you’ll be fine in all ways! 😀

For a moment, again and again… Be still, fearless, and Listen deeply and affectionately to your inner self. Then BE and ACT according to that Inner Whisper on all levels of your being.

If this post rubs you the wrong way, then especially it is time for honest listening to yourself, for it is not my words you are upset with, but your own indecisiveness to listen to your heart’s whisper and be the embodiment of that.

Unconditional Love and Light to All

♥ ♥ ♥

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