How Love mocks us to be free..

When we experience love in close relationships and we allow it to flow in its totality, each time we will see that the depths of love are ..

a unique combination of many flavors and colors.. which can be variously described as motherly, friendly, fatherly, ‘lover-like’, sensual, serving the other, platonic, disciple-like, child-like… what have you…

But our deep conditioning over the ages from this thing called ‘society’ restricts the free flow of this beautiful energy by confining it into neat boxes of parent-child, husband-wife, guru-shishya, friend-friend … so that we can ‘manage’ this and be ‘appropriate’ .. and that ‘categorization’ has a place and validity..

And yet..

Not until we are willing to experiment and experience freely and play all out.. do we experience and receive the incredible beauty of this energy called love.

True love does not disrespect society and yet has a playful irreverence for all the norms and rules that want to tame it. It wants us to discover its wildness and mocks us lovingly, dares us tenderly to feel it, to be it totally.

And each time we walk through a fear that keeps it confined and defined, we are vulnerable .. and there is a breath of fresh air, delight and pure flow.

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