the beckoning..

a walk,
some talk
a contact with the immeasurable
the immensity of no-thingness

such laughter
when I was young, we had a grocery shop
he says, and I used to take money from the
box where my mother used to keep
with her knowing and buy the goodies

a simple question..
is there something beyond presence, oneness,
a long pause
and then he had goosebumps..
as he said ‘nothing’ ..
and silence..

he had to pause to sit and
allow tears and laughter to flow..

stay with that,
I said..
And then after a long pause we spoke..
Or was it that that spoke..

Can we ever be lost?

I shared with him the story of the
Mother and the kids who were lost

As we stepped out with our laptops to
Hear and share some songs that were evoked
By these special moments..
That made us contact the ordinary miracle..

I told him,
Lets sit at a place where
We don’t come in the way of people
But they can still come our way

at chinmay vibhooti
in the midst of a retreat for teachers on
mindfulness in education..

we danced..
we sang.. we spoke and listened.
and how..

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