How life continues to hold me… today.

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up” …

… a message scribbled by I don’t know who on the whiteboard at my home in my absence. Hope I will find out- I would like to give him/ her a big hug and a real treat!

How life speaks and lovingly screams. I have heard this line before but there is nothing I need to hear more now, than this. And Rohit you will understand this more than anyone else for that has been your intense invitation to me. And I pray that Dola you also see the significance of this -for you, me, us and all of us. And all the rest of you who are still wanting dreams to come true- dreams in relationships, in bringing your song to the world, even in terms of money! and all that jazz..

The only way is to wake up, dear ones. The only way. Is to Wake up. Wish I could see it in bold everyday, every moment.. And get that tattooed on mind or being or whatever! Till I need to see it no more.

And this message only complements the one below (this I got and continued to get for a month ‘cos its on the Ramana calendar that hangs at my home not very far from the white board ;-)) :

“All that is required to realize the Self is to ‘Be Still’ ” – Ramana

Somehow I never feel like referring to him as Ramana Maharshi. And make him into some impossible Maharshi ideal. Though I have a very deep regard for him. He feels more like a friend to me.

Each moment life holds me, hold us.. for, it is constantly making love to itself. There is no-thing else. Only that. Life, Love and That.

One thought on “How life continues to hold me… today.

  1. Lovely Kiran ! I truly appreciate the alst line ! Life , Love and That . My humble submission here is that , till such time we awake we remain just This and the moment we awaken we truly become That !

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