Are you committed to the ending?

Just yesterday on the flight I met some new friends who I had been wanting to connect more deeply with for a while. I had met thru GD. And I asked them some version of this question which Rajesh would often ask me not so much in his speaking but by being who he was:

Can you totally commit to the ending of the self?

And he would say, the ‘I’ doesn’t know what it means to be committed.
So can you watch what comes in the way of this total commitment.. without condemning or justifying it.. (condemning/justifying etc. is the back door thru which the self enters again! ;-)) Only thru such seeing, what interferes gets dropped.

And then just now, I see this beautiful sharing of Francis- thru my dear friend, Om:

“Like fireworks, this universe is a celebration and you are the spectator contemplating the eternal Fourth of July of your absolute splendor”

“The prerequisite for this final liberation is an overwhelming desire for the truth. We often overestimate our desire. If it was as strong as we believe it to be, we would instantaneously awaken. Here is an example: often people tell me that they have a strong desire, that I am the teacher they feel the most attracted to, but that unfortunately they have no time to visit, or that they are afraid of flying, or that they have spent their money buying a new house and cannot pay for their travel expenses, etc. We fail to face the fact that our desire is simply not as strong as we believe it to be. To see the facts without distortion is the first step to welcoming.

This desire will grow at its own pace. It is already in us. When our quest for the Truth TRULY becomes our priority, liberation is around the corner.”

– Francis Lucille

Yesterday, I also met a person who is an HR head in a multinational on the same flight who I had worked with when he was with another organisation some 15 years back. It was a warm connection. I had the option to reconnect with him also and would have enjoyed it and maybe some openings for business would have also happened. But the “choice” was clear for I knew that with these friends, some real conversation/ seeing about ending the self would happen. And it did. And how!

Incredible life.

Have spent 10 days at Rishikesh at the Mooji Satsangs in the last few weeks. It has been a moving time. I have never seen and felt an energy field that so pure and rich simply with the deep yearning to end suffering and the self. To discover this ‘impossible’ and yet obvious seeing.. of realising the Self. It has been variously seen as freedom, the ending of seeking, conflict, experience and a lot else. The journey with several realised souls is also unraveling the truth:

GD (his brother Aalif writs beautifully of the many encounters with him on his blog, superAalifgilistic) ,

Rajesh Dalal Who I have blogged about here (Simple encounters with Greatness and also Heal or Awaken?)

Ananta Garg (Sangha of Being fb page)

Jeff Foster (His incredible fb page- Jeff Foster- Life without a centre‘)

Adyashanti (His lovely audios ‘End of Your world’ on Youtube and also the book by that title)

and more.

Ye shall find what ye seek. And the deepest longing of the human heart is to find itself- so that the seeking ends.

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