Rich or wealthy?

You probably heard this one:

The rich have a lot of money. The truly wealthy have a lot of time.

As I allow more spaciousness into my life and stop chasing the many many many attractive candies like a kid in a candy store, I am in touch with how seductive experience is.

Having let go of a trip to the magical desert of Egypt, a trek to the incredible beauty of Kashmir, a participation in a ‘worthwhile’ unConference ‘back to the land’ and so forth, there is a growing recognition of what it means to come home. To stay home.

Like Manoj Pavitran says, ‘Time has no return ticket.’
And when I read that, I saw that in fact, it doesn’t even have a forward ticket. Only a Now ticket.
And embracing this incredibly accessible and terribly elusive now requires a letting go of everything. All my favorite stories, candies, seductions.

True wealth is expensive. And yet, so easily accessible.

Shared on Facebook this morning. (have a look by clicking on the link- some interesting comments and also get to see who resonated with this!)

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