Friendship, Love & beyond

Yesterday I posted this as my status in facebook: ————————— Hmmmm… Friendship day. Isn’t Friendship one of the most beautiful relationships? One of the many reasons is that it encompasses and allows all other relationships in its universe.. between a parent and child, between a guru and disciple, between a man and woman, between god and the human, even with animals, plants and even what some of us feel is ‘non-living’! Have you noticed how your relationship with your car, or your home actually makes it and you blossom- or not? In a sense it doesn’t exclude anything! As we … Continue reading Friendship, Love & beyond

The simplicity of healing : Ho’oponopono

I have often felt like sharing some processes that have touched me deeply. Ho’oponopono is one of them and I am sure many of you who will read this would have heard about it. But I also come across many who have not so I thought let me put in here. Have you noticed how it is difficult to teach and learn things which are obvious? ¬†Edward de bono had an interesting insight about this. He said, ‘It is difficult to teach things that are obvious because the mind takes them for granted and wants to move on to something … Continue reading The simplicity of healing : Ho’oponopono