Friendship, Love & beyond

Yesterday I posted this as my status in facebook:


Hmmmm… Friendship day.

Isn’t Friendship one of the most beautiful relationships?

One of the many reasons is that it encompasses and allows all other relationships in its universe.. between a parent and child, between a guru and disciple, between a man and woman, between god and the human, even with animals, plants and even what some of us feel is ‘non-living’!
Have you noticed how your relationship with your car, or your home actually makes it and you blossom- or not?

In a sense it doesn’t exclude anything!

As we enter the Aquarian age, this is no wonder for, Aquarius symbolises friendship. A whole new way of relating.. than any hierarchical structures we were used to in the Piscean age of which the Industrial age was the last leg. This age, variously known as Network age, Age of Consciousness, etc. is the age of Friendship.

There is perhaps only one relationship which is beyond friendship.
Can you see what?

And state it in mundane terms.
Not stuff like relationship with myself and all that jazz.


There is a pretty interesting conversation that this invoked.

You may like to have a look at that by clicking here:

Particularly interesting is a related blog post I wrote 2 years back:

Love: Friendship, Marriage, Commitment & beyond

Would love to hear what you who read feel about ‘illegitimate love’ – the dimension embodied by Meera and what does it mean for you personally in the context of society today? How do most of us stop short of questioning society which often stands perpendicular to love – in our everyday lives as we are caught in the matrix. Are we willing to Walk Out and walk on? Not out of anger, fear or sadness – but out of love. Out of awareness.

This beautiful dialogue between Sadness and Awareness by Jeff Foster speaks of this space also:

Jeff.. Something in me laughs and cries when I encounter your being embodied in your words. Few things have touched me as much.

I now know what some wise soul said means:

“Excess of sorrow laughs.
Excess of joy cries”

(had posted this While sitting with dearest Deepti n Biroo… In the balcony of my new home.. Such a gift.)

Sadness: “Sorry, awareness, I know I shouldn’t be here. I’m so sorry. I’ll be leaving soon. I know I’m a stain on your perfection…”

Awareness: “No. Wait. It’s okay. You’re allowed to be here! Relax! Stay awhile! Invite your friends!”

Sadness: “You mean, I’m not a stain on your perfection?”

Awareness: “A stain? Perfection? Whoever gave you those words? How could I be stained by you, or anyone?”

Sadness: “But they told me I shouldn’t be here!”

Awareness: “Ah, they are all just afraid of you, because they don’t see that you are inseparable from me! They are trying to reach something called enlightenment in something called the future. It’s very endearing.”

Sadness: “But I don’t understand. I thought you preferred happiness to me?”

Awareness: “Preferred? What does that mean?”

Sadness: “Oh…. Well I know how negative I am, and…”

Awareness: “Negative? What’s that?”

Sadness: “You know, positive and negative, light and dark, heaven and hell, you and me?”

Awareness: “Nope. Never heard of those divisions. Hell, I don’t even know who I’m talking to right now!”

Sadness: “Oh sorry. Let me introduce myself. I’m sadness…”

Awareness: “Sadness. Sadness. Interesting. You know, it’s just that you’re so close I can’t see your boundaries, so it’s hard for me to call you anything at all.”

Sadness: “Oh, all this time I thought I was a mistake. I thought I shouldn’t be here. I’ve never even stopped to check with you…”

Awareness: “Yes, I know, it’s strange! They all do the same, for some reason. Fear, anger, even pain, I don’t understand why they are all scared of me. I have never asked them to leave. And happiness, joy, bliss, too – I have never asked them to stay. Everyone is either trying to stay, or trying to run away from me! It’s very peculiar.”

Sadness: “So, they are all allowed to come and to go in you? I mean, you allow it all?”

Awareness: “Well… More than that! You see, I can’t actually allow anything, or get rid of anything. It’s all just myself. Do you see? Even you….”

Sadness: “You mean…. I am not… I am not sadness?”

Awareness: “Of course not, my dear child! You are made of myself. I’m dancing as you…”

Sadness: “I am you? Oh, then…. then how can I call you… Awareness….”

“Exactly. No separation. No problem.”

“And there never was”.

“I’m sorry I kept running away”.

“I’m sorry you felt that you couldn’t stay”.

“This could be the start of a beautiful friendship”.

– Jeff Foster
(Extract from the book,  ‘Falling In Love With Where You Are’)

The deep invitation to meet our sadness, fears – to meet our darkness, our shadow. Every day in ordinary ways. Instead of running away trying to ‘change the world’!

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