Methodologies of Coaching, Learning & beyond

So, for long I have been thinking how would it be to simply make a comprehensive list of all that I use for Coaching, what I have benefited from.

(Afterword:) I wrote this last night and a little after I woke up, I felt I  must add that for some such a long list of 27 plus possibilities with several links is likely to overwhelm. So I have a recommendation: Pick up a challenge that you are facing- relationship, health, money, suffering – what have you- and then intuitively or spontaneously pick up just ONE or max two items and go into it deeply – many of them have links. Some don’t.. if you need to know about what doesn’t have the link- write to me! Also – the links are not obvious in the format of this blog- hence I have mentioned ‘see link’ often- they are the underlined words.

So back to the original post:

When I did my Leadership Assessment using the beautiful tool of Barrett Values which mapped my leadership on 7 levels of Consciousness, Coaching & Mentoring appeared as my top strength. 14 of the 20 of my assessors said that was a strength! I had not picked it surprisingly. But then I guess, we often don’t see that which is our second nature!

And the Gallup Strengths finder which is also a very powerful tool said my top Strength is ‘Connecting’.

Maybe you will see it in this blog post.. as I attempt to connect all that I use for Coaching. So here goes:

1. The five fundamental skills (which are actually also attitudes and aspects of being depending how deeply you want to look at it!) – Deep Listening, Authentic Speaking, Inquiring/Questioning from Wonder, Spacious Silence & Wholehearted Appreication. Those of you who have participated in the ‘Tao of Facilitation’ or the ‘Co-creative Leadership – the version for businesses/ institutions.

2. Byron katie’s ‘Work‘ – the four questions and the turnaround- Deep Acceptance born of that. How everything outside is a mirror of what’s inside!

3. A 20 min coaching process   which emphasizes silence and questioning

4. Bach flower remedies  – emotional healing and well being – 38 wild flowers that heal emotions of sadness, anger,  fear and more..

5. EFT sometimes, (Emotional Freedom Technique)

6. GFT Healing

7. Readings from my blog posts esp. some of them more frequently

8. Certain pages in fb- esp. Jeff Foster  , Joyous Woman of Sukhvinder Sircar – that deserves to be a great book- will someone help out?

9. Personal Values Assessment  of Barrett (Free!) & the whole body of work. Leadership Development Report (Barrett) – for this you will need to contact me or one of the certified practitioners.

10. Feeling your feelings, meeting the feeling- which I learnt from the Hendricks work

11. The CoEvolves framework – Mind (Thinking)-Heart (Feeling) -Body (Action)

12. Silence – this deserves a special mention!

13. The Helicopter/ Balcony view- this is such a vital piece.. to watch oneself/ the whole- step out of the ‘person’al viewpoint.

14. Breath

15. Some great communities – Learning Societies, Pune Urban Village (link!), Swaraj University (fb link), Service Space  (link!)

16. Certain blogs- Children my partners of Dola Dasgupta,  Serene Reflection of Sangeeta Bhagwat, Superaalifragilistic  of Aalif Surti, and love, fresh air and sunshine of Sangeetha Sriram

17. Earthy Stuff: Clearing up issues of Money & Sexuality are at the heart of healing often. As is the connection with parents. Connecting with the Body has taken me a lifetime and it seems I am just beginning! And I would recommend body work.

18. Clear clutter – Simplify– My dear friend, Sindhu Ramachandran’s work is to help simplify and declutter their lives and spaces – check out her website on Simplifying Life. The rich have a lot of money, the truly wealthy have a lot of time. 

19. Some amazing holistic wellbeing doctors that I have come across apart from Dr. Mathew mentioned above who are wonderful friends now- Dr. Manik Hiranandani – Healing with Love, Care and Wisdom (link!), Dr. Suresh Shottam – Wishing Well Health Care and Dr. Shirkant Bagewadikar (not much on web!)

20. Last and perhaps the ‘least’ 🙂 – Doing nothing.. I am slowly but surely learning this- if it can be learnt!!. To drop stuff. I am right now in Kodaikanal for some Body work with a wonderful human being, Dr. Mathew who told me a telling line of Osho: “Laziness is a kind of intelligence” .. and to which I will add my 2-bit: Busyness is a kind of ignorance. My first blog post was – Slowing down to the Speed of Life – in which there is a nice anecdote of Doing nothing- have a look.

21. Medicine Free Life. – A program by Dr. Pravin Chordia which builds a healthy relationship with body, nature & well being by inpsiring people to shift their lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Methodologies of Coaching, Learning & beyond

  1. Beautiful collection – thanks for sharing Kiran. Some old favourites and some new inspiration… : ) love Joanna x

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