The panorama of Coaching, Leadership Learning & Well-being – thru my lens

So, for long I have been thinking how would it be to simply make a comprehensive list of all that I use for Coaching, what I have benefited from.

(Afterword:) I wrote this last night and a little after I woke up, I felt I  must add that for some such a long list of 27 plus possibilities with several links is likely to overwhelm. So I have a recommendation: Pick up a challenge that you are facing- relationship, health, money, suffering – what have you- and then intuitively or spontaneously pick up just ONE or max two items and go into it deeply – many of them have links. Some don’t.. if you need to know about what doesn’t have the link- write to me! Also – the links are not obvious in the format of this blog- hence I have mentioned ‘see link’ often- they are the underlined words.

So back to the original post:

When I did my Leadership Assessment using the beautiful tool of Barrett Values which mapped my leadership on 7 levels of Consciousness, Coaching & Mentoring appeared as my top strength. 14 of the 20 of my assessors said that was a strength! I had not picked it surprisingly. But then I guess, we often don’t see that which is our second nature!

And the Gallup Strengths finder which is also a very powerful tool said my top Strength is ‘Connecting’.

Maybe you will see it in this blog post.. as I attempt to connect all that I use for Coaching. So here goes:

1. The four fundamental skills (which are actually also attitudes and aspects of being depending how deeply you want to look at it!) – Deep Listening, Authentic Speaking, Inquiring/Questioning from Wonder and Spacious Silence. Those of you who have participated in the ‘Tao of Facilitation’ or the ‘Co-creative Leadership – the version for businesses/ institutions (yet to blog about this!)

2. Byron katie’s ‘Work‘ (see link!) – the four questions and the turnaround- Deep Acceptance born of that. How everything outside is a mirror of what’s inside!

3. A 20 min coaching process (see link!)  which emphasizes silence and questioning

4. Ho’oponopono  (link!) – the magical Hawaaian healing technique for forgiveness and brining back love

5. Bach flower remedies (link!) – emotional healing and well being – 38 wild flowers that heal emotions of sadness, anger,  fear and more..

6. EFT sometimes, (Emotional Freedom Technique)

7. These days .. I love to come to the key question that I am myself exploring – What is the deepest longing and how the ending of suffering/ separation/ fear- takes care of all challenges.

8.  YouTube Videos of Mooji, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira and the various teachers pointing to the ending of suffering. And live/youtube  Satsangs of Ananta (link!) & Sangha of Being (Bangalore)  and Rajee (Pune) , The Joy of Clarity. 

9. Readings from my blog posts esp. some of them more frequently

10. Certain pages in fb- esp. Jeff Foster (link!) , Joyous Woman of Sukhvinder Sircar – that deserves to be a great book- will someone help out?

11. Certain books- Tao of Leadership- John Heider, Freedom from the Known- J. Krishnamurti. Loving What is- Byron Katie, War of Art- Steven Pressfield (have some of these pdfs if any of you want just inbox me at, Big Leap- Gay Hendricks etc.

12. Birthdates and the incredible insights that they provide about the life we were born to live! (see link!)-  based on my study – North Nodes, Life Purpose numbers, and now, Gene Keys!

13. Personal Values Assessment ( click link!) of Barrett (Free!) & the whole body of work. Leadership Development Report (Barrett) – for this you will need to contact me or one of the certified practitioners.

14. The work of Being at Full Potential (link!) about how the work can happen from a being space. With leaders and in organisations.

15. Feeling your feelings, meeting the feeling- which I learnt from the Hendricks work

16. The CoEvolves framework – Mind (Thinking)-Heart (Feeling) -Body (Action) born out of Spirit (Being) and returning to being/ presence (yet to put in on blog- hopefully soon!)

17. Silence – this deserves a special mention!

18. The Helicopter/ Balcony view- this is such a vital piece.. to watch oneself/ the whole- step out of the ‘person’al viewpoint.

19. Breath

20. Referring people to other friends who are great coaches.

21. Some great communities – Learning Societies, Pune Urban Village (link!), Swaraj University (fb link), Service Space  (link!)

22. Certain blogs- Children my partners of Dola Dasgupta,  Serene Reflection of Sangeeta Bhagwat, Superaalifragilistic  of Aalif Surti, and love, fresh air and sunshine of Sangeetha Sriram

23. Earthy Stuff: Clearing up issues of Money & Sexuality are at the heart of healing often. As is the connection with parents. Connecting with the Body has taken me a lifetime and it seems I am just beginning! And I would recommend body work. One powerful option was Dr. Mathew- Himal Clinic, Kodaikanal. He is leaving for Australia soon but I had the fortune of getting started with him.

24. Clear clutter – Simplify- My dear friend, Sindhu Ramachandran’s work is to help simplify and declutter their lives and spaces – check out her website on Simplifying Life. The rich have a lot of money, the truly wealthy have a lot of time. 

25. Some amazing holistic wellbeing doctors that I have come across apart from Dr. Mathew mentioned above who are wonderful friends now- Dr. Manik Hiranandani – Healing with Love, Care and Wisdom (link!), Dr. Suresh Shottam – Wishing Well Health Care and Dr. Shirkant Bagewadikar (not much on web!)

26. Core Healing Energy  – my dear friend and mentor GD who Aalif writes about also oversees this powerful healing through a machine which diagnoses and creates energy medicine and also transmits over distance.

27. Last and perhaps the ‘least’ 🙂 – Doing nothing.. I am slowly but surely learning this- if it can be learnt!!. To drop stuff. I am right now in Kodaikanal for some Body work with a wonderful human being, Dr. Mathew who told me a telling line of Osho: “Laziness is a kind of intelligence” .. and to which I will add my 2-bit: Busyness is a kind of ignorance. My first blog post was – Slowing down to the Speed of Life – in which there is a nice anecdote of Doing nothing- have a look.

I just discovered that I can add a ‘Contact form’ so here it is.. and perhaps its most important for this post.

2 thoughts on “The panorama of Coaching, Leadership Learning & Well-being – thru my lens

  1. Beautiful collection – thanks for sharing Kiran. Some old favourites and some new inspiration… : ) love Joanna x

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