The Inner, the Outer & the Innermost – Rajesh Dalal

It will be 2 years in Feb. since my dear dear friend Rajesh Dalal, one of the finest mentors on the pathless path to truth passed on. Fortunately I had recorded some of the conversations with him. Thankfully, my dear friend Rohit Sasvehalli was also inspired and made some podcasts from the recordings. And finally, Vishal Pipariya, another precious one transcribed this one recently. I am sure many of you will enjoy the beauty and subtlety of this pointing to truth.


RAJESH DALAL: You are saying basically that, because now you are functioning from sheer necessity outwardly and highest energy put inwardly, and in either case the operation does not depend on the limitations of the outer function. The operation, is an operation that does not depend on the limitations of the outer function.

SPEAKER 2: Can you elaborate this little bit?

RAJESH DALAL: The ending of the self is an entirety, the factor which is preventing the ending of the self is not outside of you, so nothing that you do outside is going to prevent that.

SPEAKER 2: Prevent the ending of the self?

RAJESH DALAL: In fact the ending of the self does not even require time.

SPEAKER 2: Yea it is here and now.

RAJESH DALAL: It is here. It is giving total energy to something. You may need certain amount of time to build up that energy. Because we have lived in such a mechanical way and in such a habitual way.

SPEAKER 2: It’s clearing the past.

SPEAKER 3: As in clearing certain barriers. But even that real is not necessary.

SPEAKER 2: I understand, yea.

RAJESH DALAL: Really speaking. It is just summoning your total seriousness in the now and facing that factor which is blocking everything. You touch it, then it is finished. So, in that sense whatever you are doing, whatever job you are doing, however well you are looking after, not well looking after, if you have a few hours in a day of quality time. You are not tired. Good enough. So your central intent can be actually pursued irrespective of this. Now, what is it that you are not able to pursue? What you love to do. In the outer! What you love to do in the inner you can always do.

SPEAKER 2: Being and doing are not aligned. If I were to do something…

RAJESH DALAL: So what you want to do outwardly. Sometimes, certain kind of situations take place where you can’t do what you want to do outwardly. I would personally say that wherever such a situation arises, it only means that you had not given your total energy to your love. If you give your total energy to your love, from that very energy you will know how to sustain your life.

SPEAKER 2: And that’s what I really feel you know that I am right now tethered to the post because of my own doubt.

RAJESH DALAL: But if your wife and your children were also like you.

SPEAKER 2: No, I have articulated this with them.

RAJESH DALAL: No, if they are moving with you in the same flow of uncertainty, then nothing matters.

SPEAKER 2: Then nothing matters yea, I understand that.

RAJESH DALAL: Then you can live on a footpath.

SPEAKER 2: I know that, in fact that’s one of the other point which I would pick up time permitting, as to what has happened is over the last two years I have moved at a very brisk pace but unfortunately my wife has not been able to keep pace with me. She has started reading Krishnamurti, etc. but obviously you know her intent. She…

RAJESH DALAL: Her intensity, everything is different.

SPEAKER 2: Intensity is different and also in terms of priority Krishnamurti books are not priority. Maybe because I have given her, she is influenced and therefore she is reading.

RAJESH DALAL: Heyyy. You have to find a way not through the book, through your being, through your watching what is happening to her, out of your love for her, so that she actually discovers the energy and the freedom that you have discovered. From there when you touch something, it will start operating. Then if she wants to read Krishnamurti she will read, if she doesn’t want to read, she will not read. Why should she read Krishnamurti?

SPEAKER 2: Yea, I understand that.

RAJESH DALAL: She must live, and in that living if Krishnamurti is to be a part of her life and in most probability it will be because if you are the activator of that energy and she knows that your energy was activated through this source, she’ll naturally go to that source. You don’t have to do, you don’t even have to suggest to her.

SPEAKER 2: As things stand, it’s a slow process you know because we are not congruent in many ways.

RAJESH DALAL: No no no, you don’t have to make it a slow process.

SPEAKER 2: No, I am not saying…

RAJESH DALAL: If you are, in fact let me tell you one thing. In my view, your wife and your relationship with your wife and your relationship with your children is your highest teacher of Krishnamurti today. Highest!

(Long Pause.)

RAJESH DALAL: Because, there the whole thing you can’t escape. The nature of the self operating there and the remnant reactions which are arising here, you can’t escape.

SPEAKER 3: Rajesh, I have a question. You know like, you made a very powerful point that what you are doing in the inner and what you are doing in the outer, are in some sense not related you are saying? That’s what I heard. You can always find time…

RAJESH DALAL: I know but let me put it this way. There is an outer, there is an inner and there is an innermost. It is about the innermost.


RAJESH DALAL: The innermost is not related to the inner and the outer. The inner and the outer are extremely linked.

SPEAKER 3 & SPEAKER 2: So what is the difference between the inner and innermost?

RAJESH DALAL: The innermost. I don’t know if in your reading of Krishnamurti you have been touched by that. Pause. See we always approach life through problems and solving problems. Even when you love to do something, in that love there is no problem. When you love something, there is no problem. But, how to do that love in this world becomes a problem.

SPEAKER 3: Deep Laugh

RAJESH DALAL: I have a wife who I love. But now how to do that in the middle of this world, in the middle of my conditionings. Other things are there. My conditionings exist. Her conditionings exist. And the world is terribly restrictive. How to make this love flower? So, the innermost has two dimensions to it. One is the dimension of learning about the inner and the outer in relationship, on a moment to moment basis, which is part of the work. And the other dimension is, asking the impossible question. And being rooted in that impossible question and not rooted in the inner or the outer or in that relationship. Inner exists, the outer exists. Love exists. Your love for the person, your love for what you want to do. Not to be rooted in any of this. Yet they are all there and you are doing that.

SPEAKER 3: And, the impossible questions. There are many impossible questions. But the main impossible question that you are talking about is?

RAJESH DALAL: All of them are one. There is only one impossible question. And that is…Can be asked in many ways. What is truth? What is love? What is beauty? What is absolute? Is there an absolute?

SPEAKER 3: And this is impossible because it’s?

RAJESH DALAL: The mind cannot grasp it. And yet the mind must demand it. And it can’t be demanded with the eye of greed or with the eye of the self.

SPEAKER 2: You are saying it’s beyond the eye so only when the eye ceases that, I can inquire about this?

RAJESH DALAL: Yea, but you can’t wait till the eye ceases to inquire into that. It’s a very, standing on edge question.

SPEAKER 2: When I say the eye ceases, there are two ceasing right? One is my total energy and attention in the moment will result in the eclipsing of the eye at least in that moment right? And then there is only that consciousness which is operating right?

RAJESH DALAL: But that is operating in the world. This impossible question and its operations are somewhat like, see this awareness. I am aware of this or I am not aware of this. It’s a kind of awareness of awareness, and a whole question of what is the source of all awareness? It’s questions of that order. There are no practical value whatsoever.

SPEAKER 3: What has no practical value?

RAJESH DALAL: These questions. The impossible question has no practical value. It means it is unconnected to any practical value. The world will not even understand you, whereas the intelligence of watching the self, the world will see and it’ll bow to it.

The Inner, the Outer & the Innermost- Podcast

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