Radical Coaching “Journey” … A learning & loving adventure



Radical Coaching  came together as a co-learning, inspiring together process a few years back. It’s a process that takes you beyond all processes while honouring them. It’s a coaching which could well be called unCoaching 😉

The Radical Coaching Journey arrived as a beautiful co-creation starting Nov. 2018 with the Bosch assignment. Incredible synchronicities brought together diverse and resonating energies into a design, a structure that holds immense possibilities.

Simply put, this is what gave birth to Ark. Some of the aspects that design includes are:

  1. Simultaneity: Learning the subtle art as you get Coached, choose if you want to learn to be a coach or simply someone who can inspire yourself & others at work, in family etc.
  2. Synergy & Ecosystem: 3 unusual coaches, a cohort of 10 to 15 fellow-travellers coaching & learning the art of inspiring together with you over 3 months.
  3. Monthly structure which includes one or more aspects each week :
    1. One to one Coaching
    2. Peer Coaching
    3. Group Coaching
    4. Rippling out the learning & coaching !
    5. Being alone & digesting the deep learnings

Each month you get to work with either Arjun, Rohit or Kiran with differing styles- some have seen the three energies a bit Sufi, Zen & Tao 😉 and yet resonating.

  1. Co-designing : Scope for creating an enabling structure with the organisation & perhaps even the participants.
  2. The Ark Portal : A platform with simple text, audios to start with and over time videos to remind, deepen, sustain & inspire commitment to what matters most- your own heart. (in the making)
  1. Kabuliwala : Inspired by the story of the Kabuliwala, this man . who would carry his huge bag (jhola) with goodies (dryfruits etc.) etc for children in Kabul. A resource of explorations & experiments including like using a Game for Coaching, Flower essences for Coaching/ Healing, deep insights through Birthdates, Transformative processes (blog posts which help you dive deeper) and an invitation to explore the art of your own heart. Do have a look at some jewels in our kabuliwala jhola.
  1. Spacious Productivity: We find that a core challenge in people’s lives is busyness (another name for mind- being occupied) which is at the heart of the many problems we face. The core addiction and the core wound is unworthiness. This is what we lovingly work and play with in this journey.
  1. Spontaneous & Curated Support over Whatsapp : Honest vulnerable Conversations, people sharing what has touched them in coaching sessions, in life – deepening the spirit of learning together.
  1. An evolving design as we learn : We are looking at introducing elements like:
    1. Evolving your Coaching Model: Depending on your appetite and readiness, you could even start building your own model for Coaching born from your life & heart design.
    2. Developing your business & practice as a coach : We feel many coaches are not getting opportunities to coach both as an expression of their Ikigai but also to make money & contribution in multiple ways.
    3. Being & becoming Radical Coaches : We offer some people the opportunity to be able to develop themselves in Radical Coaching, the artistry of learning together as friends

Photo Credit Ashley Batz on Unsplash



2 thoughts on “Radical Coaching “Journey” … A learning & loving adventure

  1. Hi Kiran , Is it online ? I am interested in it . Especially with unworthy topic and space to allow everything . Regards Kranti

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