Ark, how I love you…


Ark, how I love you

An enigmatic creature, she is.

like any woman, wild & myserious…

sparkles of magic,

and sometimes rather tragic…

Suddenly she will come alive,

pulsating, even dancing

Like how she did at that coffee shop we visited,

what was it called, ah! yes, Apac 😉

She came into my life, it was dec 2018

Wearing this incredible,

even seductive dress

of a designer brand called RCJ

She made me come alive & many others

Like few beings have

mysterious, practical, awake,

& yet not fully..

She has a certain gift in intimate

relationships …

There is one other woman in my life like & yet unlike her,

An ancient beloved,

She calls herself Tao, simply Tao..

But Ark, this woman, somehow

Contains multiple trinities..

The creator, the sustainer, the destroyer,

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva..

Tao, Sufi, Zen,

Freedom, Love, Truth..

She has such a wealth of resources..

Not a lot of money yet..

Nonchalantly, she walks…

… she knows and yet lives in the unknown,

She might seduce many a soul,

Who my other beloved inspired…

Her craft is inspiring,

The world calls it coaching sometimes,

Radical are her ways,

Refusing to fit into any framework,

Refusing to be tamed,

Wild wild woman..

Suddenly she will seem to fall apart,

Breaking down and coming together

Again and again… and yet again

Last night she did not allow me to sleep

tossing and turning

churning and wondering…

She insists I listen, I speak from my heart,

or else, she tells me to take a walk..

Her walk

is like that of a silent stream

In the yonder mountain..

plumbing depths of silence unknown..

Unbearable beauty

unfathomable chaos,

untold wisdom

unwritten poetry ..

Ark, she has been pregnant with a child,

Who, as the legend of Laozi of the Tao goes …

was in the womb of her mother for 62 years before he was born

when she was leaning against a plum tree..

she is crafting a saga of

a love, without a story…

and these lines of a poem I encountered recently..

describe the invitation that is Ark..

the strange thing about love

is that evicts you

from the land of echoes

you thought was home

and leads you to



under the stars

in ancient


(Poem by Arundhati Subramaniam, Love without a story)

PS: Ark is a coming together of beloved friends, Arjun, Rohit & me (Kiran) plus Krishna – to discover and share the artistry of learning together as friends.. the byline of a book that we are finishing soon, titled,Tao of Radical Coaching (will share glimpses in a blog post soon)

Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash

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