What is your Heartistry? (& Heartistree 🙂)

Who would Kiran be without the Tao? .. Raj Mali, a beloved friend, coach, healer and more.. asked me this question recently, which led me to explore what is my essential art and somehow this word, rather, this world surfaced.. Heartistry.  In the  3 journeys of one month of Tao 2.0 on Zoom this year a few arts weaved together with the Tao and gave birth to Heartistry which became Heartistree .. it brings the world of Trees into the game.  1. The heart of many arts– especially singing, story crafting, writing, dance, film therapy, visual art, and possibly – baking, gardening, etc. And how it can enable you to discover your unique heartsong. A … Continue reading What is your Heartistry? (& Heartistree 🙂)