MAD Facilitator-Coach, Mastering the Art of Deep Facilitation & unCoaching

MAD is about Mastering the Art of the Deep

Deep/Difficult Conversations,

Deep Facilitator-Coach, Deep Business Leader, Parent, Teacher,

Deep Community Builder and more.

And Mastery is about learning together as friends.

The common denominator for Leadership, Facilitation, Coaching, Parenting, Teaching is learning together as friends.

Many would tell me to “claim” myself as a Master. And I have always felt it was never about the “Master,” the individual – it was about “Mastery” that comes together as humans learn together.

MAD Facilitator-Coach is a journey to dive deeper and learn together the fascinating art of facilitation & coaching after the initial  MAD Conversations journey

The first online journey is starting from 4 May 2023. Please whatsapp me on +919823969473 if interested.

  • The 7 heart-skills (Listening Deeply, Speaking Authentically, Appreciating, Wondering thru Questions, Pausing Spaciously, Feeling our body feelings, Helicoptering)  –
  • The 7 mind-flips (Positive Intent, Responsibility, Vulnerability, Commitment, Embracing Paradoxes- slowing down, Owning the Mirror, Openness to the Unknown)
  • The 7 Collaboration capabilities (Inspiring, Carefronting, Frentoring, Feedback, Navigating Conflict, Coaching, Facilitating)

The journey so far that is now expressing as MAD Facilitator-Coach

I joined Pragati Learning (now, Pragati Leadership) in Aug 1996. I was 31. I took to training as fish to water. It was as if I was born for this. Facilitation felt like home. Within the first few months, I took to developing trainers. I started anchoring the workshop which was called, “The Empowered Trainer”

However, I felt that the work was deeper than developing empowered trainers. And rechristened the workshop and we then called it, “The Inspiring Facilitator”

This was after I had graduated from B.Tech at IIT Bombay (1982-86) where by some strange synchronicity I was became the G.Sec, Student Affairs and discovered my love for people. And so, took up a sales job with HCL for 2 years and then joined XLRI Jamshedpur (1988-90) and then ITC Packaging (1990-96).

I was gifted the beautiful book “The Tao of Leadership”- (John Heider ) by my close friends. Little did I know that will be the book that will shape my life and lifework for 25 years (1996-2021). I started offering the workshop The Tao of Facilitation from 2001 (my friend Sekhar Chadrasekhar coined that name!) The most fulfilling work that I had been doing.

Early 2000 I quit Pragati Learning & started Eternale Learning with my then wife, Prativa.

CoEvolve was born in 2009 when I peacefully separated from Prativa.

MAD Conversationsas a robust coming together of my work, life and learning was born in 2022. MAD Facilitator-Coach is an expression of that essential wisdom.

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