The Design of MAD Facilitator-Coach Journey (June 2023) & How to enrol …

Dear friend & fellow-traveller, 

For 25+ years my deepest joy has been to inspire & be inspired by facilitators, coaches, teachers, masters, trainers, healers, therapists – my fellow travellers… to learn & create together with them- thru Tao of facilitation workshops & Radical Coaching Journeys. It is time now to discover a more simple, distinct and yet profound ease and freedom. 

The MAD Facilitator-Coach

… now, a new freedom beyond the “state-of-the-art”  

MAD is 

 Mastering the Art of Deep/ Difficult 

Facilitation & Coaching – the rare art of learning together as friends


Making A Difference

where it truly matters..

This is a new beginning. And it would be wonderful to have you as part of the second month cohort. 

to learn & create together with other gifted people & professionals.

The Vital Shifts

  • Free flow facilitation to a Robust dancing structure, tools, processes which enhance the freedom, capability & impact in a lazer sharp & yet, relaxed way. (MAD Conversations using 7 heart-skills, 7 mind-flips, 7 Collaboration capabilities) 

The 7 Heart skills are :

Deep Listening, Authentic SharingWondering thru Questioning, Pausing- Silence, Appreciating, Navigating Feelings, Helicoptering the Process (How)

The 7 Collaboration capabilities are:

From the essential Posture of Learning  – 

Facilitating, Coaching, Inspiring, Carefronting, Conflict to Co-creation, Feedback & Feed Inward, Certainty to Curiosity about the unknown. 

  • Integrating facilitation & Coaching as the rare art of learning together as friends as the radical ground. unCoaching is Collaborative Coaching (5 Steps)-  honors the time-tested principles and challenges them 
  • Shifting your Relationship  with Time/busyness in Life and in Facilitation, Coaching & Learning- from the overwhelm of loving your work and hence being filled-full in the process of being fulfilled   (Examining 7 MAD Relationships with Money, Home, body/health, intimate relationships, love, sexuality, leisure, your heartistry, community) 

Facilitator : Kiran Gulrajani.. 

I founded Eternale Learning in 2000 and CoEvolve in 2009. 

Prior to this I was with Pragati Learning (now, Pragati Leadership), ITC Packaging, XLRI, HCL & IIT Bombay. 

Co-created and anchored many Tao of facilitation & other Tao workshops over the last 25+ years.

I enjoy being a part of and also apart from many learning communities. Like Learning Societies unConference (LSuC), Medicine Free Life (MFL), Mission Impossible Leaders (MIL), Take2, God’s Freedom Technique (GFT– not a community, and yet), Association of Mumbai Coaches (AMC) & many more.

If this MAD possibility beyond what is current “state-of-the-art” of facilitation & coaching calls you, we look forward to your participation  so we can create & learn together. The details of the design and fee etc are mentioned below.

If you are considering participating or decided, please either send a Whatsapp message to me (Kiran Gulrajani +919823969473) OR  better, join one or both of these groups (depending on whether you want to do one or both of the sessions.) 

MAD Facilitator- Coach (Mastering the Art of Deep/Difficult Facilitation & Coaching) 

Morning 730-830am (other Design details below in body of the message)

Evening 6-7pm IST (Singapore Time: 830-930pm)

Much love, 


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The MAD Faciliator-Coach – 2nd Edition – June 2023

Journey details 

Design & Details 

Starts Wed 7 June 2023

Intro Session 7am (30 min)


Thurs.  June – Morn 830am OR Eve 630pm – OR Both

730-930am (Morning)

630-730pm (Evening)

(we will conclude at 930am & 7pm respectively – the optional after flow often happen for 5 min- so good to keep a buffer of 15 min) 

Design :


– 3 elements (Minimum – .A. 1hour Group + B. 30 min Morn/Eve. C. 30 min Triad )

A. The Main Design:

5 Group sessions (1hour) – Thursdays 

June 8, 15, 22, 29, July 6

Mornings 830-930am 

Evenings 630pm-730pm 

+15 min buffer recommended for the after-flow

B. The Value Add Design:

Once a week (or more if you choose),

any one MAD Morning or Evening (30 min) 

Out of a parallel MAD journey for people 

Mon-Wed 7am & 830pm (30 min) 

Recordings will be shared free if you attend.

If you don’t attend, the fee for the recording Rs. 90 per session will be charged.

C. Weekly Sessions (flexible as per your schedule/ convenience)

(30 min Peer Lazer Learning sessions + 5 min sharing highlight in 3 bullets) 

Contribution for the 1 month MAD Facilitator-Coach journey : 

Morning Or Evening : ₹ 5000+ gst = ₹ 5900

Morning And Evening : Rs. 7500+ gst = Rs. 8850 


One to One Coaching Session with Kiran – Rs. 5000+gst = 5900

Group Coaching Session (2/3 people) with Kiran – Rs. 7000+gst = 8260

To Enrol

gPay to +919823969473 (you can message Kiran at this number if you have any questions) 

UPI – Kirangul@okhdfcbank 

& join one/ both of these groups.

If you are not sure, you can

send a Whatsapp message to Kiran Gulrajani (+919823969473) AND option to join one or both of these groups 

MAD Facilitator-Coach 

Morning 830-930am

Evening 630-730pm IST (Singapore Time: 830-930pm)

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