The brook would lose its song..

A wise soul said, ‘The brook would lose its song if God removed the rocks’ This morning I received this in an email from Rob Brezsny and I was deeply touched. “Obstacles are a natural part of life, just as boulders are a natural part of the course of a river,” declares the ancient Chinese book the *I Ching.* “The river does not complain or get depressed because there are boulders in its path.” I’d go so far to say — this is not in the original text, but is my 21st- century addition — that the river gets a … Continue reading The brook would lose its song..

Listen to life..

I got an email from a dear friend this morning as I was sitting in the balcony of another soul friend, a great Yoga teacher. The email spoke of some ‘unfairness’ and very ‘human’ behavior in the organisation she is working. In my response to her, something emerged- which I feel like sharing. I have often felt that the blog posts need not always be long. Sometimes, just a few simple lines can do what a book cannot. So this is the first post that is brief. Spontaneous. In the moment stream of consciousness sharing. Listen to life.. There is … Continue reading Listen to life..