Wake Up!

I just saw this piece from Bentinho.. and I HAD to immediately post it. What wisdom. What peace. What love emanates from this. Read it slowly and feel it. So will I.. Its time to wake up! ———– ***Super Hurricane Sandy = Love*** 🙂 ♥ This hurricane signifies so much more than meets the eye. Don’t be blind. Don’t think this will just pass over. Don’t be inwardly lazy and complacent. Listen… This massive storm is a physical expression of the hidden, unseen stuff that is about to burst, bubbling beneath the surface, sensed by those who, well, pay attention … Continue reading Wake Up!

Free Awareness- Conversations with Bentinho & Karen at Thiru

I had the fortune of meeting Bentinho and Karen at Thiru in Feb. It was a very moving experience which interestingly was about moving beyond experience ;-). I shortened my stay at Auroville to be with them. I noted some amazing insights that emerged out of the chat. There was such sincere energy of people who were there. There was a profound simplicity of Bentinho sitting in his shorts and vest smiling effortlessly and laughing often, matter-of-fact, no-big-deal which for me is so characteristic of consciousness. Am just sharing in bullets what I captured without ‘refining’ or structuring it in … Continue reading Free Awareness- Conversations with Bentinho & Karen at Thiru

The gentle Power of ‘The Work’ … to evoke play ;-) – Inspired by Byron Katie

– Is it possible to move from Conflict to Collaboration, conflict that inevitably happens between two or more people in a close relationship (personal or professional, family, business or community)? – Can a community that is grappling with purpose and being conscious, benefit from turning around the projections of ‘problems’ from outside to inside? – Is there a gentle, even playful way to embrace our shadows without making it painful and arduous task to build a conscious collective? Someone said that truth must be delivered with laughter for it to be palatable. All truth must make us lighter.. In Hebrew, … Continue reading The gentle Power of ‘The Work’ … to evoke play 😉 – Inspired by Byron Katie

Heal/Grow Up or Wake Up! ;-) (Self-improvement & Self-realisation)

In August 2019 I was invited to speak at the APAC Coaching Conference and I did it with Ark, the new avatar of CoEvolve (a partnership between me, Arjun and Rohit). We met Leon Vanderpol over there who has written a book called A Shift in Being.. Coaching & Learning from the ground of Awakening. A profoundly different ground of freedom which inckudes personal growth but also the invitation beyond the story of the person. Byron Katie talks about it and many others. He remarked that apart from us, he didn’t see anyone inviting and coaching from this rare ground … Continue reading Heal/Grow Up or Wake Up! 😉 (Self-improvement & Self-realisation)