When the power of love meets the love of power…

Yesterday I spent a day with a person who has been seen and labeled as difficult, angry, destructive and insensitive. I was not sure what would happen. I did not go with any fancy expectations. I just entered the day with him with a simplicity and a willingness to just stay with whatever happens.. To learn, to listen. To share from the heart. Just walk together as friends. At first, I found he had a lot to share. He kept belittling ‘words’ and ‘talk’ as empty and useless. And yet he kept talking a lot. I think he must have … Continue reading When the power of love meets the love of power…

INKing what is DEEP while it is RED still..

I have often felt that blogging can happen on the go. Just cut-pasting a chat. A mini blog on some insight as one stepped into the shower, a conversation with a friend.. and so many such moments of aha! and truth.. worth capturing. Just a little while back, I pinged a dear friend, Sashank on google talk and we had a spontaneous chat and as you read it, you will see the genesis of this blog. I was with Deep Red Ink for 2 days over the weekend where Sashank is a Partner. DRI is a precious part of the … Continue reading INKing what is DEEP while it is RED still..

Learnings from the ChittaSangha and the Sanghis

I had shared this with a wonderful group I am a part of – the ChittaSangha. It has been so precious to be a part of this group. Just felt like sharing with a larger group. It may speak to some or many of you. Nov 2010 hi sanghis.. been wanting to write and share what all have i learnt from the sangha/sanghis in the last year.. (difficult to believe its already almost a year!) 1. the value of being quiet – i dont have to be seen to be heard. the more i am willing to listen, the more … Continue reading Learnings from the ChittaSangha and the Sanghis

Dawning of a new world

Watching, witnessing, participating.. In this beautiful dance of life One of the many blessings from a dear friend, Brijbala 200 some people! Children, Youth, Adults, Elders A teeming of energy, flow and indeed Incredible glow Abundant diversity, Profound intensity Lightness, Play, Music Yes- each of us, discovering, sharing… Singing our song Such resonance and yet It took us so long to connect! A community that seems to be already Living, manifesting, unfolding vibrantly The dreams I have held There was an ease and flow An unhurriedness When nothing ‘needed’ to be ‘done’ A lot was getting done It seemed .. … Continue reading Dawning of a new world