When the power of love meets the love of power…

Yesterday I spent a day with a person who has been seen and labeled as difficult, angry, destructive and insensitive. I was not sure what would happen. I did not go with any fancy expectations. I just entered the day with him with a simplicity and a willingness to just stay with whatever happens.. To learn, to listen. To share from the heart. Just walk together as friends. At first, I found he had a lot to share. He kept belittling ‘words’ and ‘talk’ as empty and useless. And yet he kept talking a lot. I think he must have … Continue reading When the power of love meets the love of power…

“Is it a gift you are offering or is it a gift you wish to receive?”

I have been experimenting a fair bit with gifting of late.. This is an interesting exchange in a very dear group- ChittSangh.. which may connect with some chord in your heart. I wrote this to the Sanghis this morning.. Hi All.. I have a wish to gift each of you who are willing to receive something this week.. it could be material.. or not so material.. Some wise soul said, what truly counts, cannot be counted. This gifting will go beyond my week.. but can begin now! Would be happy if you could sense alone/ together with me what this … Continue reading “Is it a gift you are offering or is it a gift you wish to receive?”

Sexuality and the human condition: Safety & Love through simple & difficult conversations

Sexuality and Sensuality, the power of touch and human physical contact is mired in deep conditioning and taboos. Here is a great potential to heal humanity and each of us… should we be willing to simply look at our conditioning and create safe spaces for conversation and exploration as have always been there in ancient and conscious tribes. I came across a beautiful book, ‘Sex at Dawn’ which looks at this whole domain of human sexuality. My one-liner about the book is: How might we live healthier & wiser lives… and create vibrant relationships and access true love… by appreciating … Continue reading Sexuality and the human condition: Safety & Love through simple & difficult conversations

Wake Up!

I just saw this piece from Bentinho.. and I HAD to immediately post it. What wisdom. What peace. What love emanates from this. Read it slowly and feel it. So will I.. Its time to wake up! ———– ***Super Hurricane Sandy = Love*** 🙂 ♥ This hurricane signifies so much more than meets the eye. Don’t be blind. Don’t think this will just pass over. Don’t be inwardly lazy and complacent. Listen… This massive storm is a physical expression of the hidden, unseen stuff that is about to burst, bubbling beneath the surface, sensed by those who, well, pay attention … Continue reading Wake Up!

Emotion & Love..

I wrote this a little while back to a dear friend who was shaken with sadness and wrote an email on a forum which has been grappling with an issue for months.. And felt its worth sharing here on my blog. I am saying this to myself as I say this to you.. When there is a strong emotion, it is bringing a vital message of love and truth. But until we feel and release the emotion the message is distorted. And often lost. So, I would urge each ofus when we feel something strongly to try and process it … Continue reading Emotion & Love..

Love – Friendship, Marriage, Commitment and beyond

Often I have had conversations in the last year or more with young friends struggling with the whole issue of ‘marriage’ and love. I see many unmarried youngsters grappling with it today (thankfully!). It is a big question. And needs careful attention. A related question which is more fundamental is about relationships. Is that not the central thing that we all grapple with- relationship with each other, and relationship with a lot else – money and sex being the two in which we humans are the most confused. And then of course the relationship with all that is ‘material’ – … Continue reading Love – Friendship, Marriage, Commitment and beyond

Separation & Love …

‘Only to the extent that man exposes himself over and over again to annihilation can that which is indestructible arise within him. In this lies the dignity of daring’ – Karlfried Gras von Durkheim … a favorite quote from my IIT days (around 1983-84): Often separation is seen as opposed to love, to connection. Death is seen as being opposed to Life. And Relationship opposed to being Alone. And yet, the truth is that without embracing separation, love is reduced to a needy attachment; until we see the beauty of aloneness, relationship is merely an entanglement and without learning to … Continue reading Separation & Love …

7 Mirrors in Relationships

‘Relationships are the mirrors in which you discover yourself’ – J. Krishnamurti I was conducting the ‘Tao of Facilitation’ with Anuradha Ramesh of Pink Mist Retreat, (a wonderful friend and a great facilitator and healer) last month (Feb 2012) and towards the end she shared the 7 mirrors in relationships which spoke so deeply to me- I had seen all of these and continue to see some. 1. Reflection of the Moment: Here-Now (Root chakra, Muladahara- Creativity, Sexuality, the Child) This mirror presents itself when we are with children who demand total and complete attention. When you answer mechanically, they … Continue reading 7 Mirrors in Relationships

What Is Love?

I do my best to be a learner, a facilitator, a friend, a father, and until some time back, a husband, a son and more. I have experienced the high and low of emotions- lots of sadness, fear, sometimes anger, sexual feelings, happiness and more. And continue to, maybe in subtler ways and sometimes quite gross also. I meet many young people who are contemplating marriage and grappling with relationships- which many of us “relatively grown up” folks also do! As the whole institution is getting shaken up, life is inviting us to examine this vital question: What is love? … Continue reading What Is Love?

Free Awareness- Conversations with Bentinho & Karen at Thiru

I had the fortune of meeting Bentinho and Karen at Thiru in Feb. It was a very moving experience which interestingly was about moving beyond experience ;-). I shortened my stay at Auroville to be with them. I noted some amazing insights that emerged out of the chat. There was such sincere energy of people who were there. There was a profound simplicity of Bentinho sitting in his shorts and vest smiling effortlessly and laughing often, matter-of-fact, no-big-deal which for me is so characteristic of consciousness. Am just sharing in bullets what I captured without ‘refining’ or structuring it in … Continue reading Free Awareness- Conversations with Bentinho & Karen at Thiru