Do Actions Speak louder than Words? : Conversations with Rajesh Dalal

Some of us friends are trying to build a community near Bhopal. At a place called Barkheda Bazyafat. And there is this classic conflict of .. Lets not talk, lets take action. “Action speaks louder than words.” “It’s good not to verbalise” etc. Any ‘idea’ which is held on to .. becomes stale and is always incomplete. The truth of any idea can be grasped only by embracing the paradox. eg. Unless we end the separation between words and actions, between thought and intuition, between doing and being.. the conflict will thrive. This podcast of a beautiful conversation with Rajesh … Continue reading Do Actions Speak louder than Words? : Conversations with Rajesh Dalal

“Is it a gift you are offering or is it a gift you wish to receive?”

I have been experimenting a fair bit with gifting of late.. This is an interesting exchange in a very dear group- ChittSangh.. which may connect with some chord in your heart. I wrote this to the Sanghis this morning.. Hi All.. I have a wish to gift each of you who are willing to receive something this week.. it could be material.. or not so material.. Some wise soul said, what truly counts, cannot be counted. This gifting will go beyond my week.. but can begin now! Would be happy if you could sense alone/ together with me what this … Continue reading “Is it a gift you are offering or is it a gift you wish to receive?”

Separation & Love …

‘Only to the extent that man exposes himself over and over again to annihilation can that which is indestructible arise within him. In this lies the dignity of daring’ – Karlfried Gras von Durkheim … a favorite quote from my IIT days (around 1983-84): Often separation is seen as opposed to love, to connection. Death is seen as being opposed to Life. And Relationship opposed to being Alone. And yet, the truth is that without embracing separation, love is reduced to a needy attachment; until we see the beauty of aloneness, relationship is merely an entanglement and without learning to … Continue reading Separation & Love …

Heal/Grow Up or Wake Up! ;-) (Self-improvement & Self-realisation)

In August 2019 I was invited to speak at the APAC Coaching Conference and I did it with Ark, the new avatar of CoEvolve (a partnership between me, Arjun and Rohit). We met Leon Vanderpol over there who has written a book called A Shift in Being.. Coaching & Learning from the ground of Awakening. A profoundly different ground of freedom which inckudes personal growth but also the invitation beyond the story of the person. Byron Katie talks about it and many others. He remarked that apart from us, he didn’t see anyone inviting and coaching from this rare ground … Continue reading Heal/Grow Up or Wake Up! 😉 (Self-improvement & Self-realisation)

Slowing down to the Speed of Life..

As we allow more space and reduce the pace, somehow, we invite grace. I was conducting a program for a leading FMCG company and I shared with them this note (abridged version here) I had written many years ago. After reading this note one of the participants who had come from Singapore said that synchronistically he had read an article in the April 2010 Harvard Business Review with the title, ‘The Acceleration Trap’. He said that was the head version of this note and this is the heart version of that note 😉 An affluent industrialist said to the Master, … Continue reading Slowing down to the Speed of Life..