What Is Love?

I do my best to be a learner, a facilitator, a friend, a father, and until some time back, a husband, a son and more. I have experienced the high and low of emotions- lots of sadness, fear, sometimes anger, sexual feelings, happiness and more. And continue to, maybe in subtler ways and sometimes quite gross also. I meet many young people who are contemplating marriage and grappling with relationships- which many of us “relatively grown up” folks also do! As the whole institution is getting shaken up, life is inviting us to examine this vital question: What is love? … Continue reading What Is Love?

Story to Satori

When we can see the story in what seemed real, the real reveals itself like a satori. Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you, unfold your own myth.~Rumi♥ Recently we were at a retreat of our small community, ChittaSangha, a group of some 25 plus facilitators, consultants, entrepreneurs working in the field of consciousness. I have always been fascinated with how what seems so real is almost always a story.. especially if it causes pain. And also if it causes pleasure. Truth, as we know, lies in the region beyond pain and pleasure. ‘The Work’ of … Continue reading Story to Satori

The gentle Power of ‘The Work’ … to evoke play ;-) – Inspired by Byron Katie

– Is it possible to move from Conflict to Collaboration, conflict that inevitably happens between two or more people in a close relationship (personal or professional, family, business or community)? – Can a community that is grappling with purpose and being conscious, benefit from turning around the projections of ‘problems’ from outside to inside? – Is there a gentle, even playful way to embrace our shadows without making it painful and arduous task to build a conscious collective? Someone said that truth must be delivered with laughter for it to be palatable. All truth must make us lighter.. In Hebrew, … Continue reading The gentle Power of ‘The Work’ … to evoke play 😉 – Inspired by Byron Katie