Shams of Tabriz’s 40 Rules of life & love

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Rule 1 How we see God is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. If God brings to mind mostly fear and blame, it means there is too much fear and blame welled inside us. If we see God as full of love and compassion, so are we. Rule 2 The path to the Truth is a labour of the heart, not of the head. Make your heart your primary guide! Not your mind. Meet, challenge and ultimately prevail over your nafs with your heart. Knowing your ego will lead you to the knowledge… Continue reading Shams of Tabriz’s 40 Rules of life & love

Beauty hidden inside Conflict : Co-creation

I forget who said this but its nice.. ‘There is the dearest freshness deep inside things’ And I love that Hindi song. Dil ko dekho chehra na dekho chehron ne laakhon ko loota Dil saccha aur chehra jhootha. (Look at the heart, not the face.. the face has ‘fooled’ a lot of people. The heart is true, the face false- or like Sw. Vivekananda would say, a lesser truth) I woke up this morning having been witness to a ‘conflict’ (I know it’s a strong word and maybe it is more politically correct to say.. ‘difference of opinion’, ‘diversity of … Continue reading Beauty hidden inside Conflict : Co-creation