Tao of Coming Home to the Heart

Love must be the most beautiful, the most misunderstood and the most mysterious word in the human kingdom. Love is our Home. Our Heart. What does it take to come home into our hearts? Alone & Together. Above all, the vivid Covid crisis is inviting us to come home and how! The home is our own magnificent being, this Present moment. Home is our bodies that we have often neglected. Home is our physical home that we are now blessedly confined to. Home is our intimate relationships. Our heartsong. Our relationship with time and even money. With earth and all … Continue reading Tao of Coming Home to the Heart

Radical Coaching “Journey” … A learning & loving adventure

  Radical Coaching  came together as a co-learning, inspiring together process a few years back. It’s a process that takes you beyond all processes while honouring them. It’s a coaching which could well be called unCoaching 😉 The Radical Coaching Journey arrived as a beautiful co-creation starting Nov. 2018 with the Bosch assignment. Incredible synchronicities brought together diverse and resonating energies into a design, a structure that holds immense possibilities. Simply put, this is what gave birth to Ark. Some of the aspects that design includes are: Simultaneity: Learning the subtle art as you get Coached, choose if you want … Continue reading Radical Coaching “Journey” … A learning & loving adventure

Profound Detachment is Playful Engagement

I am discovering interesting nuances of detachment & detached engagement. Yesterday I was in a spontaneous conversation with my aunt. Which turned out to be beautiful. I was happy to hear her share that after going to her guru who teaches using the Bhagvad Gita, she was feeling a huge shift due to her ability be detached. She used to worry a lot about near and dear ones. She said now whenever the thought comes, she prays & lets go. Expectations, desire for a certain intimacy, etc. are not there. And naturally there is a peace now, that was missing. … Continue reading Profound Detachment is Playful Engagement

Seeing & Being Real vs. “Positifying” or “Negatifying” what Is.

There is a tendency in us humans to either decorate/ beautify (“positivify”) or judge/ catasptrophise (“negatify”) reality – or justify what fragment we see – we do this to protect ourselves or some belief structure out of some fear – and hence miss out seeing the simple kindness of Reality. Even the inherent wisdom in what is. To be able to see what is, simply, nakedly, totally, is rare. And perhaps the only place of power and resourcefulness – indeed the only place of love is when we see what is. Just as it is. When we make friends with … Continue reading Seeing & Being Real vs. “Positifying” or “Negatifying” what Is.

Design when Change difficult

“Don’t change. Change is impossible, and even if it were possible, it is undesirable. Stay as you are. Love yourself as you are. And change, if it is at all possible, will take place by itself when and if it wants. Leave yourself alone. The only growth-promoting change is that which comes from self-acceptance.” –Anthony de Mello Summary: This blog post is about relaxing the obsession with changing oneself or another, which consumes and drains so much of human energy. And instead, designing, creating conditions, tending to the soil in which flowering can happen. This is often more effective. To … Continue reading Design when Change difficult

Radical Coaching… learning together in friendship

There have been a number of coincidences which are clarifying for me what is life is inviting me into. Almost seducing me into. 😉 At least 6 to 7 specific signs – all in the space of a month. The session with the Association of Mumbai Coaches was intriguing. I never cease to be amazed by how and how much silence opens up the unknown, an intimacy with what is-  and our ability to see that which is obvious, yet hidden. It slows us down. One of the participants at the end said it was a meditative experience. And I … Continue reading Radical Coaching… learning together in friendship