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Wholehearted Living : Come Home Together & Alone – the essential invitation of Covid

It started as a post in facebook and the realization that the core invitation of the Covid virus is to walk each other home. One thing led to another and I offered a 7 day, 1 hour a day  Slim Journey on Zoom to explore the 7 dimensions of Home! The 7 dimensions were: Relationship with our Body & Health (the most vital focus that Covid is making- take care of your Immunity!), Our intimate relationships (how being caught in the matrix of work and seeking this and that we have lost touch with heart connections that matter most- our … Continue reading Wholehearted Living : Come Home Together & Alone – the essential invitation of Covid

What is your Heartistry? (& Heartistree 🙂)

Who would Kiran be without the Tao? .. Raj Mali, a beloved friend, coach, healer and more.. asked me this question recently, which led me to explore what is my essential art and somehow this word, rather, this world surfaced.. Heartistry.  In the  3 journeys of one month of Tao 2.0 on Zoom this year a few arts weaved together with the Tao and gave birth to Heartistry which became Heartistree .. it brings the world of Trees into the game.  1. The heart of many arts– especially singing, story crafting, writing, dance, film therapy, visual art, and possibly – baking, gardening, etc. And how it can enable you to discover your unique heartsong. A … Continue reading What is your Heartistry? (& Heartistree 🙂)

Collaborative Coaching … The art of Inspiring Together

As I and my colleagues dive deeper into the incredibly magnificent world of Coaching, indeed the depth of being, we are discovering newer layers, nuances of what we call Radical Coaching which gave birth to quite an intriguing Radical Coaching Journey. Somehow this image really spoke to me. Collaboration is simple and profound. Natural & yet, often missed. As the world is getting polarized on one hand and there are energies of fear in the air, it is also inviting a dive into Love. Out of a challenge that we encountered in a client assignment, there was a lot of … Continue reading Collaborative Coaching … The art of Inspiring Together

The paradox of Confidentiality

In a beautiful Coaching assignment, where many of us have come together to coach and learn together with several CXOs in a global giant, the question of Confidentiality has arisen as a vital question. And there are differing perspectives. Whenever there are two different and seemingly opposite perspectives, it is time to see the multiple perspectives. And one way to do that is to remind myself that any seemingly polarity is inviting an embrace of a paradox. Any conflict is an opportunity to dive deeper into the ocean of Co-creation. I am reminded of a favourite quote: “Truth is a … Continue reading The paradox of Confidentiality

Love is your compass, ply, my Ark!

Mirdad: God is your captain, sail, my Ark! Though hell unleash her furies red Upon the living and the dead, And turn the earth into molten lead, And sweep the skies of every mark, God is your captain, sail, my Ark! Love is your compass, ply, my Ark! And share with all your treasure chest. The storm shall bear you on its crest A light for sailors in the dark, Love is your compass, ply, my Ark! Faith is your anchor, ride, my Ark! Should thunder roar, and lightning dart, And mountains shake and fall apart, And men become so … Continue reading Love is your compass, ply, my Ark!

Multiplying Inspiration Together (“Ecosysteming”)

In Oct 2018, I was invited to be a panelist at the first ICF Coaching Conference. On the panel of “Eastern Wisdom in Coaching” because of the Tao being the heart of my life, work and lifework 😉 The panel was being anchored by CN Murthy, the Chair of the ICF Mumbai Chapter, also my former boss when I used to work at ITC in early 1990s. There were 4 of us on the panel with not a lot of time. I requested him that I would like to speak at the end. I find that I effortlessly weave threads … Continue reading Multiplying Inspiration Together (“Ecosysteming”)

Ark, how I love you…

Ark, how I love you An enigmatic creature, she is. like any woman, wild & myserious… sparkles of magic, and sometimes rather tragic… Suddenly she will come alive, pulsating, even dancing Like how she did at that coffee shop we visited, what was it called, ah! yes, Apac 😉 She came into my life, it was dec 2018 Wearing this incredible, even seductive dress of a designer brand called RCJ She made me come alive & many others Like few beings have mysterious, practical, awake, & yet not fully.. She has a certain gift in intimate relationships … There is … Continue reading Ark, how I love you…

Tao of Coming Home to the Heart

Love must be the most beautiful, the most misunderstood and the most mysterious word in the human kingdom. Love is our Home. Our Heart. What does it take to come home into our hearts? Alone & Together. Above all, the vivid Covid crisis is inviting us to come home and how! The home is our own magnificent being, this Present moment. Home is our bodies that we have often neglected. Home is our physical home that we are now blessedly confined to. Home is our intimate relationships. Our heartsong. Our relationship with time and even money. With earth and all … Continue reading Tao of Coming Home to the Heart

Radical Coaching “Journey” … A learning & loving adventure

  Radical Coaching  came together as a co-learning, inspiring together process a few years back. It’s a process that takes you beyond all processes while honouring them. It’s a coaching which could well be called unCoaching 😉 The Radical Coaching Journey arrived as a beautiful co-creation starting Nov. 2018 with the Bosch assignment. Incredible synchronicities brought together diverse and resonating energies into a design, a structure that holds immense possibilities. Simply put, this is what gave birth to Ark. Some of the aspects that design includes are: Simultaneity: Learning the subtle art as you get Coached, choose if you want … Continue reading Radical Coaching “Journey” … A learning & loving adventure

Profound Detachment is dropping it or playfully engaging ? 🙂

I am discovering interesting nuances of detachment & detached engagement. Yesterday I was in a spontaneous conversation with my aunt. Which turned out to be beautiful. I was happy to hear her share that after going to her guru who teaches using the Bhagvad Gita, she was feeling a huge shift due to her ability be detached. She used to worry a lot about near and dear ones. She said now whenever the thought comes, she prays & lets go. Expectations, desire for a certain intimacy, etc. are not there. And naturally there is a peace now, that was missing. … Continue reading Profound Detachment is dropping it or playfully engaging ? 🙂