Wholehearted Living : Come Home Together & Alone – the essential invitation of Covid

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

It started as a post in facebook and the realization that the core invitation of the Covid virus is to walk each other home. One thing led to another and I offered a 7 day, 1 hour a day  Slim Journey on Zoom to explore the 7 dimensions of Home!

The 7 dimensions were:

  • Relationship with our Body & Health (the most vital focus that Covid is making- take care of your Immunity!),
  • Our intimate relationships (how being caught in the matrix of work and seeking this and that we have lost touch with heart connections that matter most- our family and our dearest friendships)
  • Relationship with Time (we have got locked in linear, sequential time- also known as mind- and lost touch with the mystery of time- Kairos time!) 
  • Relationship with Money (how we have got hijacked from what deeply matters to us by not knowing how to put money in its right place)
  • Our heartsong/ Ikigai (there is a unique song in our heart, our god-given gifts that we mostly do not pay fullest attention to! It’s a fatal attraction and also a paradoxical repulsion)
  • Our physical home (where we live- are we attending to the space- its our outer body)  
  • Our relationship with Our own Self, our True Nature,  Freedom, Love, Truth (the most obvious is often the most oblivious. The journey of being waking up is not even seen because we are so buys with the journey of growing up, as doers)

I did my dance and invited friends to co-hold the sessions with me.. my brothers and co-founders of Ark – Arjun & Rohit were present in the sessions on Intimate relationships & Freedom respectively, Rhea co-anchored the session on the physical home, Chittaranjan, the session on Money & Nupur on Body & health. And I held the session on Heartsong.

The whole thing gathered a silent momentum and it is giving birth to Wholehearted Living, a one month journey (7 x 90 min sessions, one each on Sat & Sunday over 4 weekends). The first cohort begins on this weekend, 6th June 2020. Register link at the bottom.

The design is emerging but for now, the elements are as follows:

Wholehearted Living Crafting a life you love with friends & resources that matter 

  1. Intimate Relationships 

This is also about intimacy with these other 6 aspects 

5 skills- Deep Listening, Authentic Speaking, Questioning from Wonder, Spacious Silence & Heartful Appreciation

Alone & Together paradox (kahlil gibran- pillars of a temple stand apart) 

Boundaries enable the dance 

The Story of us

Deep listening 

2. Relationship with Body & Health (Dis-ease) 

  • ANSWER framework of MFL (Air, Alkaline Nutrition, Sunlight, Alkaline Water, Exercise & Rest) 
  • Physical Health & Emotional Health – Bach flowers
  • Pranayam 

3. Relationship with Time (Spaciousness/ Busyness) 

  • Chronos & Kairos : What does Time report to?
  • Art of doing nothing / Obsession to be productive makes us unproductive 
  • Spacious Productivity 
  • 4 quadrants ? The last thing we know is what to put first – Blaise Pascal 

Practice: 10 min doing nothing, 10 min vacation 

4. Heartsong  (Heartpain)  

  • Genius 4 quadrants – Effectiveness to Greatness 
  • Birthdates as an access 
  • The paradox of attraction & repulsion (oscillation) – self sabotage 
  • A thousand loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home. – Rumi 

5. Work & Home Integration / Fragmentation

  • Acknowledging the profound divide/war and how Covid is an opportunity to integrate. 
  • The fracture of Learning, Living & Livelihood into 3 institutions (School, Home, Workplace) 
  • Relationship with Time & Physical Space 

6. Relationship with Money & Abundance/ Scarcity

  • Money beliefs & values 
  • Enoughness 
  • Tradeoff between Money & Peace/ Joy 

7. Living in Freedom (end of suffering)

  • Growing Up vs. Waking Up (Awakening Up) – Person & Presence  
  • Love & Truth 
  • The only ground that is not in opposition to anything and hence in service of everything.

If you would like to know how wholehearted your life is, do this simple reflection: Wholehearted Living Reflection

Also, for any clarifications, you can also Whatsapp /speak to Sayani (7822958756)

And if you want to join this adventure to craft a life you love, please do register here.  

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